Tones: Introduction

Welcome to Lesson 1 on Styles. 

Every writer has his or her own style of writing.

Every fiction has its own feel, and this feel is the major part of styles in literature. 

There are many sides to Styles

Such as 

  1. Tones
  2. Mood
  3. Descriptions
  4. Narrations
  5. Types of words

   But today we will talk about Tone


Tone refers to the writer’s attitude to fiction. It encompasses how a writer comes in his writing.

Tone is mostly the writer’s Point of view, it’s embedded in how the writers decide to tell a story.
There are different types but we will focus on

1. Aloof Tone

2. Attacking Tone

3. The Defender

4. The Diplomats 

Next week we will discuss these types of Tones.

Writing Activity

But for this week, look into some stories you’ve read and state the tone used in that story.Drop it as a comment below.


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