Re: An Event That Happened Between A Fictional Character And Me

​Tye’s tribbette song blasted in my ear as I was writing my story on paper. My head was becoming hot. I needed rest after writing for two hours non-stop.

 Suddenly, I heard a loud noise. I hurriedly unplugged the earpiece from my ear. Someone was knocking. Who could be knocking? The school was on holiday. There was no way anybody could come visiting at this time. I had no friend. Just acquintances. 

‘ Yes. Who is there?’

 ‘ Good afternoon’, a lady called. My eyes almost entered my head as I tried to figure who the lady was. I shook my head and opened the door. I was surprised by the beauty of this lady. She had a bottle in her hand. A bag hanged across her body. My heart pounded. I knew this lady. But I didn’t know where.

‘ Good afternoon…’ I said as I looked at her.

 She sized me up and pushed her way past me. 

‘ What is this?’ I said after I had regained a little confidence.

‘ So, this is you?’

‘ Me… What are you talking about?’

 She laughed, threw her head back and drank from her bottle. My breathe stopped. I know this lady. I have seen her somewhere.

‘ You know who I am. Don’t you?’

 I shook my head.

‘ Oh God. Are you telling you are so dumb?’

‘ Lady. If you don’t leave this room, I will be forced to forcefully evict you’.

 She paused. A bright smile covered her face. ‘ You even look more like Bidemi, only that he is fairer’.

My heart skipped beats. I know only two Bidemi. One from our church. The other from my story.

‘ Which Bidemi?’

‘ Bidemi Adeoti of course’.

‘ Are you for real?’ I whispered, stunned.

‘ Don’t you recognise my bottle of coffee’.

 I stopped breathing.

‘ My bag of weapons’, she said gracefully and start revealing the deadly weapons in her bag.

‘ That’s impossible’.

‘ What is impossible? I don’t know what to say. Just make sure Bidemi do not wake from the slumber’.

‘ What are you talking about?’

‘ Yes, I’ve read your story. And I know he will wake in June.’

‘ If you are truly Racheal, how did you get here?’

She laughed mockingly.

‘ A powerful witch made all the fictional characters in the world become real’.

‘ But that’s impossible’.

‘ I don’t know what’s impossible’

‘ How…How..Did you find me?’

She smiled. ‘you are my author. You made me good. I can find anything. I’m Racheal. I know everything.’

‘ What do you want?’ My heart was pounding.

‘ My initial plan was to just see you. But now, I want to see how you can send us back to our childhood. I don’t want to be the one kidnapped. I want it to be Grace. So, I will find her’.

‘ But that’s impossible’.

‘ Very possible.’ She said and brought out her gun from the bag and pointed it at my head. ‘ You know I don’t miss’.

 ‘ How do I know it has worked?’

‘ When you post it online. The witch can only read it online’.


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