Book Review: ‘Try Me’ by Oluwabukala Akinwunmi- A Concept, Not A Fiction.

​’Try me’ is a book that is very rich in information but should either be placed in the Education Section or Proposed Manifesto but should never be considered a fiction. Although it started like a fiction and caught my attention; in fact, I just unwrapped a nylon of groundnut and wanted to pour it in garri as I prepared to read it. But lo and behold the book changed direction. The author, Olubukola Akinwunmi, recounted a fictitious event of a President’s plan and meetings he had. The work would have really made sense had it not change direction. The long run of it. Olubukola managed to propose a way we can change the affairs of Nigeria. Truth be told, many great politicians have also proposed such and had planned to do more than that but it won’t be wise to lose sight of the fact that man proposes but God and even humans dispose. Also, Olubukola gave a fictitious narration of a meeting with different ministers. The meeting would have been enjoyed as if he used dialogue. He just wrote it like a secretary making reports of a meeting. 

The book is worth its money. But if you are ready to read a good fiction, don’t click on ‘buy’ at all.
Book: Try Me

Author: Oluwabukola Akinwunmi

Genre: Educational, Political

Seller: Okadabooks

Price: #50


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