A New Year Celebration And A Divorce Declaration- Episode 1

The New Birth Gift

A New Year Celebration And A Divorce Declaration

Someone knocked lightly. Emily froze. There are some times very unfit for knocking.  For example, when you are enjoying  Bruce Lee film, Dragon or when you are busy tearing a large chunk of meat. Such example of these times is that day. Emily had just reached a peak she had never reached in her life. She stared at the brown oval eyes of Mustapha. He shook his head. They were both panting in the hot, stuffy small room. Despite the brown cranky fan that bellowed at a corner, they were sweating profusely. 

The knock came again, twice this time. 

‘ Did you tell anybody to meet you ,here?’ Mustapha whispered. She shook her head. The way he said it got to her spine again, and made her cringe under his naked body. She stared at his Afro hairstyle and wished this intruder would leave so she could deep her hands into his hair. She had the belief that the way you start a thing would go a long way in making the rest of the thing great. That day the first of January, was the birthday of her love, Mustapha. And she had presented him the best gift any man can truly appreciate- her virginity. He became as excited as a baby when he heard what she wanted to give him. The feeling was sweet. The ectacy was great. Their intercourse was superb. Although it was painful at the beginning, she allowed him go for a second round. He was also overwhelmed when she gave him the permission to go again . In fact, she might have given him as many rounds as he wanted if this intruding knock had not surfaced. She stared at him again as he rose grudgingly and moved out of the room into the corridor. He had locked the corridor door because of his neighbours’ naughty children that believed if they didn’t pursue one another into his house the world would come to an end and because of his neighbours’ goats that derived joy in strolling in the corridor of his inherited house.

‘ Who is there?’ He shouted. The anger in his eyes spoke volume and was contagious. Emily hissed.

‘ Baby… It’s me Ada’.

‘ Ada’, he said and froze.’ Ada?’.

He hurriedly ran to the bed and dragged Emily off the bed. ‘ Get up.. Get up…’

He hurriedly pulled his black trousers off the green flowery rumpled, sweat-filled bedspread and wore them. Emily looked at him in awe. Her heartbeat increased as she stared at him despite her nakedness. Mustapha grabbed her clothes and pinned them into her folded arms. Emily stared at him as her mind tried to unravel what was really happening. He rushed to the closed louvers and hurriedly opened them, but did so in such a way one wouldn’t know anything was being done. 

‘ Are you mad? Why are you not dressed? Where this thing o? Ada’.

‘ Baby, where are you now?’ Ada called from outside the house.

Mustapha rushed to the door that led to the toilet, entered it and shouted.

‘ I’m in the toilet’.

‘ Okay o… Be fast’.

He rushed into his room and met Emily still standing aloof on his beautiful green rug, with her cloth drooling from her hand.

 ‘ Ah… So it’s you they sent abi?’ Mustapha said in low tones as he pulled Emily towards the toilet. ‘ You are a witch. You are the one my enemies sent to me. God forbid. My head will not let you succeed’.

Emily opened her mouth and couldn’t say anything. She allowed him push her towards the toilet. Even if she fought him, Mustapha was 23 years and that was 7 years older and stronger. There was no way she could do anything. 

Mustapha left her at the door, picked her rubber slippers and threw them towards her. On a normal day, Emily would have fought him tooth and nail for throwing her shoes at her. Firstly, the shoes were sent to her from her uncle in Nigeria. Then, people throw things only at animals and ghosts but the situation on ground turned her dumb that she couldn’t react.

Mustapha stomped his feet, ‘ Go now’.

‘ Mustapha oooo’, Ada called.

He ran out of the room to the toilet again and shouted, ‘ I’m done. I’m dressing up’.

He rushed back, looked at the room and smiled. Then, he glanced at his sweaty body, smelt it and ran to the fan. Spreading his hands like Peter Rufai, Nigeria National Team’s goal keeper, he dangled his body in front of the fan. And hurriedly opened his armpits to the breeze of the fan. He smelt it and smiled until he saw Emily standing naked and staring at him from the door. 

‘ Ah.. ‘ He mouthed and placed his hands on his head. Then pointed his index finger at Emily, ‘ you are a witch’. 

With the same strength he would use in pushing the big Iroko tree beside his house, he pushed her to the backyard. ‘ Thank God, I locked the passage door, that’s how you will keep doing like a snail and destroy my life’.

‘ Mustapha Cokers.. Come and open this door. I’m beginning to have bad feelings’, Ada shouted from outside the door.

Mustapha turned to Emily and shook his index fingers at her. ‘ Don’t ruin my life. Dress and leave gently. Immediately I make her enter the room, go.’

He moved nearer and pecked her. ‘ I will tell you what is happening later’. 

Emily stared at him and wondered what her sister, Bukky, would have done. As he turned, she thought it fit to give him a remarkable goodbye gift, she pulled his shirt towards her and planted her teeth into his shoulder. 

Mustapha screamed. She held his shoulder still. She was ready to tear the skin off his body. He had ruin her life and she would make him payback with an ounce of his flesh. The deed was done but his life should also be done.

‘ Muatapha! What is that? Open this door’, Ada shouted from outside and banged the door.

Mustapha slapped Emily. She lost balance. Despite her anger, his slap outweighed her strength and sent her crumbling to the ground. He carried her, dumped her in the toilet, spat on her and banged the door behind him. She burst into tears. What would help her regain her virginity? Her hope had just been dashed. Everything looked blank. Her body heaved in anger. Right there in the toilet stood a strong iron. With it, she would destroy Mustapha. 

‘ Mustapha ooo’, she wailed as she wore her cloth and watched the iron, calculating where the iron would land on his head. Even if she had his pregnancy, she would abort it. If the pregnancy survived, there was no way the baby would live up to the second day. Peradventure the baby survived, there was no way the baby would enjoy life.

‘ Don’t worry, it’s nothing’, Mustapha said from outside. She opened the door.

Right there stood a fair lady who looked like she popped out of one those foreign movies Emily’s mother usually forbid her from watching. She swallowed hard as she scanned this lady. She wore a large earring and her lipstick could make any man in Fortune City stop for a moment to watch her.  She looked like someone in her early twenties. Unlike the lady’s trousers, Emily’s clothes were this big gowns that some of her friends taunt about by calling her ‘ Emily Oni kaba’.

‘ Mustyyyy.. Who is this?’ Ada said as she glanced at Mustapha and back at Emily.

‘ I’m…’

‘ She’s is…’

‘ Let her talk’.

‘ Thank you.. I’m..  I’m..’ Emily said with a frail voice.

‘ I told you.. She’s tired’.

‘ What’s wrong with her.. What’s wrong with you?’

‘ Mustapha…’ Emily said and burst into tears.

‘ Oh God.. Don’t talk Magaret..’

‘ Margaret?’ Emily and Ada said.

‘ Yes now.. She is a friend.. Like an acquaintance. You know, things like that.  She was.. Erm… She has diabetes.  So, I helped her. I guess she is tired after using the toilet intermittently. This is the fourth time in my house alone. She rushed down here’.

‘ yea.. ‘ Ada said and moved towards her. ‘ Oh.  Margaret sorry, you must need rest’.

Emily was boiling within. Her mother had told her type of anger was destructive and she had always held it within. If her stomach were a rock and her anger were molten magma, her stomach ought to have burst open especially with this type of anger that welled within her at that moment. The last time she unleashed her anger, their dog suffered it with its life.

She clenched her teeth.’ I’m not Margaret. I’m Emily.. And Mustapha..’

Mustapha cut in. ‘ Oh… I’m sorry. I always call you Margaret o. And you never bothered to correct me’.

Emily knew her mad part would unleash itself anytime soon, so she shook her body off Ada’s grasp.

‘ Mustapha thank you.. Thank you very much.. God will repay you..’ Emily said and stormed away.

‘ Mustapha, what’s wrong with her? Why is she acting like that? Why did she thank you like that?’

‘ Oh! Don’t mind her.. That’s her nature. She has a little touch of the head’.

‘ Oh!’ Ada said.

Emily burst into tears.

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