Die oh Baby Die

Paula Abayomi left her husband’s house voluntarily because she was barren. Although, her husband was not ready to let her leave, she left anyway.
Immediately she left her husband’s house, she enrolled for a counselling course online, and spent most of her days chatting on different dating-sites. These helped her take her mind off her past- Her dead husband, her Witchy Mother-in-law, her barenness etc.
Later, She and Bimpe left for Brown Valley. But before they left Brown Valley, Bimpe (who was a trader, had a very big supermarket) lost everything she had-House, Car, and supermarket, which was in front of her house- in an inferno.
The only thing Bimpe was able to take away from the house was her son, Michael, whom she named after Paula’s late husband before he died.
Paula took them in.
After Bimpe packed into her home, they decided to live for Brown Valley because both of them had a history they would love to forget. But they were not keen on moving away so early until a saturday evening they both can’t forget.
‘Here is the news Headline’, the sonorous voice of a fair lady said from the television as she and Bimpe were watching the news.
‘Baby found in a forest in Abeokuta, Ogun state….’
Paula didn’t know when she started shaking her left hand, the moment she saw the baby on the television screen, she wondered why a lady will throw her baby away when some barren women are out there looking for babies.
‘You know I have an Idea’, Bimpe said.
‘What is it?’
‘Why not let us start a form of voluntary counselling for this people .Thank God, you are studying the course online’.
Paula looked from her to the ceiling, then the rug, as she thought about it.
For some days now, she had being calculating on how to be rich through a very risky business, which was still worthy of trial.
‘Uhm…..’ Paula said,’ yes and No’.
Bimpe frowned. Paula’s face as she got another idea. Hot blood rushing into her head. She smiled.
‘Why not let us leave here for Brown Valley’l?’Paula started,
‘We will have women coming for your counsel, and I will have my own market’, Bimbe said as if Bimbe asked her to lay down the plan. Then, she stopped as she realized what Paula said. ‘But…you have …’
Paula sensed her struggling with the words, as she changed the form of her face just to suite what she wanted to say.
‘You know…you have experience more than I, and can tell young ladies not to throw their babies away; barren women can also receive good words of advice from you’.
But that was not what was on Paula’s mind. Bimpe should be in charge of that.
Paula wantes to start trading, where the objects will be sold for five hundred naira, while the producers will collect hundred naira.
She did serious mental calculation; ten of these objects would be sold for five thousand naira, and after the ten producers have collected three hundred naira each, it will be #4000 for her.
If she gave the people selling for her, and everyone working for her a very good pay, she knew there would be good profit.
A tap from Bimpe brought her back to the present.
‘So, what are you saying?’
‘When we move to Brown Valley, I will tell you…’ she replied.
She was in business.
She was in life.
She was a genie.
She knew she would make many people laugh.
Nobody would lose, no matter, whoever the person was, he/she will gain large profit.


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