Die oh Baby Die – 5

Peace noticed that the car stopped, after a very long journey. Her fear amplified when she heard the car being open. The trunk of the car was opened, allowing her to inhale fresh air. Two pairs of hand carried her out of the car, and led her on. She wished she knew where they were going, but the blindfold made it impossible; nevertheless, her abductors kept pushing, and directing her steps.
At a point, they stopped her from moving; instead, they changed the direction she was facing, and made her face the reverse of her former position, then, they compelled her to kneel down. She, on her part, didn’t put up any form of resistance; although, she did not like how she was being treated.
The room was smelling of a kind of perfume called ‘lofinda’ by Christians from the celestial church of Christ. The whole room was in perfect silence, and this made her wonder if she had just being forced to kneel before a god like the biblical ark of God was placed in front of Dagon, the god of the philistine. She wondered what was really happening because there was no movement in the place she had been brought in. She strained her ear to hear if anything will move in the room to no avail. In fact, there was no screeching noise of insects, shuffling of feet and anything to show her she was alone.
‘Open her face’, a female voice ordered.
Peace almost jumped out of her skin, the voice was the voice of her own mother. She knew that voice anywhere in the world- the same voice pleaded with her father not to send her, Peace, out the home. This same voice begged her to come back home, which she refused to heed. This voice had commanded her many times. She remembered this voice, which was so lovely for songs that anyone who listened to it during her mother’s ministrations would automatically become slain in the spirit.
Peace felt a rough hand removing the cloth on her face, she couldn’t stand still again. Her body was vibrating like a phone and was tingling over. Her imagination became blank as the knot was finally loosed. She wished the floor would open, changed her mind and wished a mighty hand would pick her from the place she was at the moment. She tried to cease her breathe as the cloth was finally removed from her face as she gently opened her eyelid with fear of what she would see.
‘Welcome, Peace Madojutimi’, the voice, that ordered her abductors to open Peace’s face, said.
She sighed when she finally opened her eyes and found out it was not her mother. They were in a small room which was dimly lighted, and, there, in front of her was a slim fair woman, whose egg-shaped face can make every fat woman want to go to the gym daily. Despite being dressed in black like the other people in the room, she had an aura of greatness around her, and sat on the most reverend chair in the room. Also, seated on the right-hand side of the woman was the very person she, Peace, wouldn’t believe, would be there- the managing director of the company, Bimpe. Also, seated in the room were men and women who seemed to be rich.
“I believe you have read the information given to you. Welcome to the Unique Baby Exchange Home (U.B.E.H), where we help the barren to stop crying and help young women obey their bible; exodus 20 especially, where the bible said we should not kill’.
Peace felt the world crumbling around her; she gnashed her teeth as her blood began boiling, her breathe came out hard and sharply.
‘What is my concern? I don’t want to be involved…’ she yelled angrilly with all of the strength in her, ‘this is bloodily insane, do you expect me to do this illegal thing or do you think it is legal?’
The woman on the chair smiled like a goddess who already knew the fate of her subjects. She stared at Peace with a quietness that made Peace fear for her life. Peace had read in stories, and had watched in movies that whenever one refused to do the wish of a secret organization, they kill such person; however, she wasn’t ready to die this night.
‘Why do we have to do it secretly? ‘, she exclaimed bitterly,’ I am leaving and there is nothing you can do about it’. She stood up, facing the woman sitting on the high table, and got ready to leave.
Her last statement made everyone in the room laugh hysterically. The woman leaned forward. Her countenance changed as she pointed her walking stick at Peace.
‘Peace… we have among us here commissioners of police, and many great men, who can pave way for you to spend the rest of life in prison’.
Peace raised her head to look at the woman very well, frowning.
‘Yes… and don’t you know that we know about your baby’?
‘Which baby?’
The woman laughed again hard, and waved a hand as if to order for something. The lady, her abductor, brought in a laptop, positioned it in front of Peace, and played a video-recording. At first, Peace was ready to become passive. She wanted to close her mind and allow them fool themselves, but what she saw caught her attention. She swallowed hard as she watched an unstable hand taking video coverage of an evil act that she, Peace, did some eight years ago. She, Peace, saw herself in the video as she came into the bush crying , and a tiny voice, also, crying-backing up her cry as if they were singing duet.
Though, she was crying loudly, the little tiny voice was louder than her voice. She blinked severally as she watched herself dropped her baby in the bush that day, leaving the helpless baby there to die in the cold; and this brought tears to her eyes again, as she wished she did not do what she did then.
Before that day, Patricia, her friend, had advised her that the baby would be a problem for her, but she did not agree with Patricia. Despite knowing all of that, she wasn’t ready to do anything to her baby, but when she became overwhelmed with taking care of the baby, she had to succumb to Patricia’s advice and throw the baby away.
‘Well, it might surprise you that we have this video. One of your interviewers was around that area some eight years ago. He and his family were having picnic somewhere not far from where you dumped the baby. One of his children, left them to urinate. He saw you coming with a baby, but his naughtiness, and access to his father’s small camera made him take a video coverage of you and your act. It was this boy that called on his father, who called the police and saw to it that the baby survived. So, when you showed up for the interview, he remembered your face from the video, which he mistakenly watched some days before the interview day. Today, we celebrate you because you were the one that started the idea in our minds. The news of your dumped baby that was all over the country conceived the idea in my mind.

Some years before….


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