Die oh Baby Die- Episode 4

Peace left his side after arousing his feelings, moved toward the bed, and fell on it.‘Yeeech’.
Gbadebo was beside her within thirty seconds of her fall as if he was a knight that would do anything to show his bravery. The fall was painful. Peace had been practicing the fall since she invited him two hours before but this one was painful; yet, she must make him do what she desired. The moment he tried lifting her, she swallowed his lip with his.
As if the machine had been activated in him, he grabbed her tightly. They fell on the bed.
While they were enjoying themselves, someone stoned her window. She froze under him. They stared at themselves. Another stone hit her window.
‘ If I catch you’, she shouted. Her eyes beamed. She pulled Gbadebo into her shoulder. ‘ It’s nothing, it’s those naughty children.
Gbadebo nodded. He gazed at her as if he was hungry for her and would devour her. The moment she kissed him, he energized himself.
Days later Peace made Gbadebo know that the person throwing stone was actually a photographer and that her shout was a means of telling him to go ahead to take pictures of her and Gbadebo having sexual intercourse.
At first, Gbadebo thought she was joking, but the moment he saw the pictures he became speechless. He tried snatching it from her but she was prepared. She withdrew from him, laughed, and mocked him. He begged her, prostrated, pleaded with tears flowing like rivers from his eyes, but she kept laughing.
After several minutes, she told him the only reason the video wouldn’t go viral was if he would always come to sleep with her whenever she call on him.
However, Peace didn’t stop there. She made sure she slept with the president of her spiritual fellowship four times.
Gbadebo saw that as a way of getting back at her, so he took a picture of one of the escapade of Peace and the Pastor. He promised her he would give her the picture, if she gave him the ones with her. Her fear overcame her reasoning. She hurriedly gave him the pictures because she feared the worse for herself if her parent saw the pictures.
Gbadebo, seeing that she had done that, wanted to dent her image for what she did to him. He never wanted to follow Jesus’ rule of be-slapped-and-turn-the-second-cheek. He told her he would make copies of it and paste it everywhere on campus.
Without much ado, she pleaded that they meet at a very secluded area. At first, he refused to meet her but after her persistent messages and plea he agreed to be there on the condition that she would sign a paper that would free him from her clutch of sex. And this she agreed to
When Peace got there, she met him resting against a wall. The whole place was dark, the night adding to its darkness. She moved closer to him, put her hand gently on his neck to arouse his feelings, but he stared blankly like a statute.
‘Are you ready for this?
He gave her a pen. She took it and was about to sign when it fell. She searched frantically for it but she didn’t see it.
‘ If you don’t, I will find it myself’, he said and searched for it.
Peace hurriedly brought out a copper wire from her right pocket.
‘ Yes this is it’, Gbadebo said delightfully.
‘Oh! You brought someone to watch us uhn? ‘She asked angrily, looking at a place around his back.
Gbadebo turned, she quickly put the wire around his neck, and without hesitation rolled it swiftly around her hands. Peace had read it that even someone without strength could kill with this instrument. She turned her back hurriedly against his back, pulling the wire with all of her strength. He, who was a lanky guy, fought for his life with the strenght of a lion and tried hitting her; however, it was to no avail. She groaned fiercely as one of his elbows hit her.
Peace felt his hand fly in the air as he grunted and moaned and she kept pulling, knowing that a little slackness might cause her her own life. After a little fight, she felt his body slack against her body without a fight, but she didn’t let go. She pulled hard until she was sure he wasn’t alive to fight back, his body still sagging against her slender body.
She had prepared for it; she had worn a very black cloth that could hide blood in the night. She picked every paper on him, tore them, and threw everything into different dustbins. The next few days, police investigated, but she had destroyed any implicative information, changing the direction of police’ investigation. Since, they couldn’t find any logical explanation for his death, they termed it ‘a robbery case’.
Today, she was exceptionally happy, so, she took her friend, Patricia, to her new home. She bought enough drinks. They celebrated until 2p.m from 8 a.m.
By 3p.m, they were fast asleep.
By 7p.m, they were still snoring.
However, by 10.00pm, Peace woke and was tired, she rose from the bed, grumpily left the room they slept in, and discovered that many of the amenities needs in the home had been gotten by the company.
She brought out the documents and stared at them- each was bulky.
‘What is this?’ Peace muttered after staring at it for close to a minute.
She rose to get some bottle of the wines they bought for the celebration, took one of it, and returned to her seat.
‘Are you serious? ’She mouthed when she saw the name of the company.
That made her more interested in it.
Then, she saw why she was given such a large amount of money. The company needed someone who had given birth to a baby in her teenage age, and was beautiful. Her eyeballs darted from one side of the room to another. Her breathe became fast, as sweat popped out of her skin faster than air would pass through the nose. She laid back to rest fearfully, then, tried to understand why the company wanted to do what they are doing. Then, she dozed off.
It was until a gloved hand covered her mouth she knew she had slept off while reading the file. She opened her eyes in fear. The owner of the hand lifted her with a second hand. She moaned painfully, and fought desperately as he carried her towards the door. She fixed her feet on the wall to help her push the person back, they both fell, but he didn’t remove his hand from her mouth. She elbowed him angrily, and felt puff of air rush out of his mouth to hit the back of her neck. Her heart raced.
Still covering her mouth, he used his other hand to hit her rib; this brought intense pain into her body and made her cry, though muffled. She wriggled helplessly, and tried getting out of his grip, but he held unto her tightly.
Peace’s legs hit some bottles of wines, she took her hands towards his private part and held unto the balls of his manhood. He groaned. His fist rammed into her rib, causing a great pain in her, and tears dropped from her eyes. She noticed she was losing her breathe, so, she fought frantically while her abductor tried to stand up, still holding unto her.
While her abductor was lifting her, her hand grabbed an unopened wine bottle; she struck him vehemently, making him fall in pain. Seeing this, she rushed to the opened the door.
‘ Patricia’, she screamed as she rushed past the door with the aim of running out of the compound. But she had to stop as she saw a lady pointing a revolver at her. Peace stopped in front of the lady, and automatically raised her hands.
‘ My God oo’ Peace muttered.
The lady pushed a finger to her lips telling Peace to be quiet and motioned for Peace to follow her. The lady used her back to move towards the gate. The other abductor-the male- came out of the house, very angry. He slapped Peace from the back of her neck as she moved rather slowly towards the gate.
Now this was the time she need Patricia most but she was a deep sleeper. Although she was becoming better, Peace always feared she would be killed in her sleep. There were days she had to pour water on Patricia before she woke.
Peace’s abductors gagged her, blindfolded her, tied her hands and legs, and then, pushed her into the trunk of the car.


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