Die oh Baby Die- Episode 3

Wooh’! Peace screamed as she stepped on the acceleration of the car. Removing the bond holding her hair, she scattered the hair in joy.
No one could tell if life was unfair to her or she had been the one unfair to living things.
Her parents were both Founder of a great church in Nigeria. She left home for the University of Ibadan as a good girl, and was always the best student until she got to 200 level in the University, where she met Patricia. Patricia had lost both her parent, and had been using her body to fend for herself.
Peace met Patricia on one of those days she had no money on her since there was no way she could get money from home, as they just sent her monthly due some two weeks before. Patricia gave her some money to eat, thereby, incorporating her into the work of lust-feeder.
After some times, her roommates started detesting her, because she-who didn’t put on earrings, short skirts, Trousers, see-through blouses, body-hugging clothes- had begun to wear them. With the new contempt shown to her by her roommates, she was forced to live with her friend and mentor, Patricia.
Her parents, who so much trusted her, didn’t know she had become a changed person, that she had left the way they trained her to become. They didn’t check on her, since, she presented herself to them as being matured and still spiritual whenever she went home for the holidays. Therefore, she was at liberty to do as she pleased.
Peace knew without any iota of doubt that she was as beautiful as a purified gold. Men flocked around her wherever she went. Many of those times they always wanted to win her heart and because of her, many of them had fought themselves. She enjoyed the way men’s eyes followed her whenever she got to a public place, and those of some ladies who stole glances at her.
Later, Peace’s life became peaceless; any week without her having intimacy with at least a man would find her lying on the bed. Her life changed because of this addiction. Or how would one explained days Patricia would find her fondling herself. And the days she would take it upon herself to molest Patricia, who later began to enjoy having s.ex with ladies also.
One saturday afternoon in the gentle month of April, when everywhere seemed to be silent, when the birds of the air agreed to enjoy a field day as they jumped from big tree to another, when Peace had no one to meet for her usual escapade, she decided to tempt one of the brothers that attended the same fellowship with her.
He was one of those Christian brothers who believed they were standing. He was handsome and always attended to any call of any fellowship ladies because he saw himself in the women ministry.
‘Gbadebo’, she called from outside his house as she looked at his big trousers. Such trousers were used to easily differentiate Christian brothers from any other brothers. But there was something exceptional about his own.
‘Hooooo! My adorable Peace, how are you?’
She mocked him with a silent scoff and looked away from one of his neighbours who winked at her. She would gone with the guy winking but she had other plans.’I am fine ooo’.
‘That’s good’.
‘Gbadebo, what are you doing now.’
Her heart danced within her.
‘You’ve always been promising to come to my room. Why not come now, I will prepare a good meal for you.’
‘Hmmm! Why not make it amala?’
‘Blimey!’ she jumped excitedly, ‘I will do just that. Be there in the next two hours’.
Peace knew he was a strong Christian, that there were only two ways she could get him, and she had the best one at hand at the moment, and could just use it for him. It is the most potent and irresistible.
Before his arrival, she went to a local chemist, Chinedu, to get a drug that would whet Gbadebo’s appetite for sex. Chinedu was whom many referred to as the ‘Marriage keeper’, this is because he had a way of getting illegal drugs that would make a man last longer in bed. It wasn’t a news that many women ran away from their husbands because they couldn’t satisfy their sexual desire. A very good example of such women was Mayokun, the lady who was living with Chinedu. She ran away from her husband’s house because Chinedu satisfied her better in bed. No one knew this. No one except Peace and this was the information she held over his head whenever she needed to get an illegal thing or something very rare.
As planned, Gbadebo got to her house within 2 hours, which was the same time she finished preparing the meal. He looked great. That one thing still baffled her about him. Despite him being a Christian, he had a way of making her drool over him. And she had seen this reaction on the face of many women, Christians and unbelievers alike.
After talking for some minutes, she left his side to get the food for him. While dishing out the food she sprinkled the drugs she got from Chinedu.
The moment she brought the food to him, Gbadegbo got a reminder from the Holy Spirit that he was supposed to be on a fast. But the the plate of black Amala in front of him was steaming hot. Truth be told, January 1st was the last time he got the chance to eat such food as this and that was because a neighbour was having his child’s naming ceremony. Even then, the food he ate at the naming ceremony was served with one very small piece fish those types one buy when one wants to quickly drink garri; in fact, the soup looked more like water sprinkled with Ewedu soup. But the Amala Peace served him had two big pieces of meat, a piece of cow skin (pomo) and a piece of fish. And the food he ate at the naming ceremony wasn’t served with a cold bottle of cocacola like the one standing beside the steaming plate of soup. It was served with a very hot sachet water. He swallowed hard as he remembered that he wasn’t suppose to eat at that time.
‘My God and I will fix it later’, he said silently to himself. There was no way he could miss such food. He unbuttoned the top botton of his large striped shirt. Peace was a good host.
‘Have it Gbadebo’, she said. He suddenly became aware that her breast was visible through her blouse. He wondered how ladies dressed without thinking or worrying about the men around them. He shook his head and quoted some bible verse to stop his lustful desire. The biblical medicine worked.
‘Hmm! This soup is the best I’ve eaten in a long while’, he commented as he dipped his fingers into the soft hot Amala.
‘Ah! Ah! Gbadebo. Don’t you cook better soup? ‘She said, laughing. ‘I remember the day we visited you, we ate a very good soup.’
‘That is not my concern. You cook the best’, Gbadebo said as he poured the drink into a cup.
A few minutes after he drank from the cup, he couldn’t explain how he started seeing Peace but she looked different and strangely appalling. In fact, she seemed to look at him somehow. The feeling was unexplainable. She came near him and offered to pour the remaining soft drink into the cup for him. He gulped as she came nearer. He had encountered such things with different women and was confident that he would overcome this.
He told himself, he must hold himself. He used his mind to read Bible verses but his male organ remained erected; besides, he could no longer withstand the smell of her body-spray which, had overshadowed his smelling organ; this made him moan silently, and his breathe become faster.
Yet, he held himself. And then he suddenly choked on his food. Peace hurriedly stood from her seat.
‘Are you alright?’ She asked as she came nearer. He nodded as he cleared his throat. As much as he could, he made sure his eyes were down, staring blankly at his food. He preferred that his gaze was fixed on the food. That was better than him just looking at her again. God was witness, any other prolonged look at her would see him scampering out of her house. But for now, it was better to act normal.


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