Movie Review: ‘Omo Oni Theater’

Movie Review: Omo oni theatre(Kemi Afolabi)

Movie Review: Omo oni theatre(Kemi Afolabi)

Movie Review: Omo oni theatre(Kemi Afolabi)
Title: Omo Oni Theatre
Director: Adekunle Azeez
Location: Alagbado
Time: 2016
Genre: Drama
Rating: 6/10

The story centres around a lady, Deronke (Aderonke Adeniyi) who wanted to be an actress but met obstacles from her family members and her boyfriend. Meanwhile, a fellow actor Kunle( Ayo Olaiya) got support from his girlfriend Joke (Kemi Afolabi). But the twist came when she had a crush on Kunle and was bold enough to tell him she loved him and a drama that surpassed our imagination ensued. Also as she became a celebrity, she gave her friend an advice many actors give, ‘Use what you have to get what you want’. While, she meant something else, her friends took it as something else and there the tension increased.

I am particularly drawn to the type of music used in the background. This movie is unlike many Yoruba films. The background music was simply instrumentals. It wasn’t the typical storytelling songs that we hear in regular Yoruba films. And that gave it a bit of classical feeling. Yet, the spacing made it dry. They should have used ‘sustained piano notes’ in places that tension is being built up. It would have raised the tension of the viewers.
By the way, it would make sense to discuss the costume. The costumes made sense especially at the beginning where OGA director ( Adisa Luqman) used a towel, it made perfect sense. But the quirks are those guys that wore white to rehearsals- it’s not fresh. Then Aderonke’s mother wore scarf everywhere in the house- everywhere. While that is unique, it is totally uncalled for, is she bald? She should have worn shower cap or something else if she wanted to cover her head or to show that she is the mother. And I love Dotun’s, Deronke’s boyfriend, style of putting on cap- now that’s what we call being unique. But he wore shoe in his house. I think they assumed a lot while using the costume.

Generally, the movie is one everyone should learn a thing or the other from. Always know what you want and go for it. Like Joke( Kemi Afolabi) reject rumours until you catch the person in the act. And never insinuate like Deronke’s friend, it is deadly. Although I saw some lapses in the editing but I’ve seen the same in some foreign movies. So, I will only encourage everyone to be better while Nigerians are still enduring them.

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