Her Beauty Calls- 38


Yemi kept waiting for reply from the brain but nothing happened.

‘ Bolu, answer na’, he muttered.

‘ Oga…. Abi may we shoot the door’.

‘No… Shh… Everybody stay at alert’.

Someone was fiddling with the door of the underground but it wasn’t opening. The policemen had corked their gun and were hoping to use it after a long time of holding it shoot.

 However, the door didn’t open.

‘ Everybody, get down ‘, one of the police whispered but loud enough for them all to hear. Nine guys came towards them. They all wore hoods. 

Every one of them was holding a rifle. Yemi was happy the trees there could hide them-the police- well.

The men kept walking gently towards the police, trying not to cause mayhem by making the dry leaves on the ground disturb the peace of the air. Then they stopped when they got to the floor that led to the underground. One of them tried to open but it did not bulge.

 Yemi was ready to shoot in case anything happens, his pistol drawn. The men took turn in opening the trapdoor but it did not open. So, they rose and began to talk in low tones, angrily.

 ‘ Hello’, one of them said, ‘ okay’

‘Guys’, the guy said, speaking in low tone, ‘ the other side. Follow me’.

 Yemi sighed as he reduced his grip on the gun, and released the breathe he had been holding for a long time. After the gunmen left, Yemi signaled to his men that they are following the gunmen. And that they were to make sure they make no noise that will give away their positions, so the policemen followed the gunmen.


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