Die! oh Baby Die!- 1

Die oh baby die

The sound of a car driving into the compound made her sit straight. Suddenly her skirt looked rough. She straightened it. A quaint smile infested her face. She brushed her hair.
An elegant woman entered into the room. She was fat. But her dress fitted her and it portrayed riches. It was a blue flowery dry Ankara, sewn into a long gown. Her jewelleries, shoes, and handbag were of gold colour.
The woman and her secretary exchange pleasantries. The fondness between them was glaring. Now, that this woman was around maybe other workers would come in because she hadn’t seen any since she arrived at the company.

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‘Please, bring me my schedule for today’, the woman said as she turned to leave the room. ‘I hope that Mrs. Chukwudi will not come today’.
The secretary looked at a book and smiled, ‘No, ma. Your appointment with her is tomorrow’.
‘Oh better!’ The woman said, relieved.
She loved the grace with which the woman carried herself. She looked at the door again and looked at her time. It was 9:10. No one had entered the office. No one except the cleaner.
‘Yes?’ the woman asked, turning, spinning in the air like a model. Her full hair swirled.
‘The lady over there said she just got a job here and has been waiting for you to arrive’.
The woman turned towards her with a flushed appearance. She swallowed hard as she watched a big smile consume the woman’s face.
‘Who can it be than the most wanted Lady in the world of ladies?’
This surprised both her and the secretary. The air became colder.
‘Peace Madojutimi’.
Peace and the secretary looked at themselves in surprise.

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