Her Beauty Calls- 35

​‘It requires code’, Pearl shouted.

Bidemi, who had ceased his breathe before, released it, wondering which one to believe. Was there another money in the underground or was she playing on their intelligence or did she not have a full detail of the money she there?

‘ Ehen…?’ Sparrow said angrily, ‘what if it uses code? Can’t you just tell me the code and let me release this guy?’

Pearl stared at him, her jaw moving up and down. Bidemi eyes quickly roamed around the room and saw Grace still staring at him. He had seen her doing that for a long time, but he wasn’t ready to look into her eyes. So, he moved his gaze away from her, and moved it to Bolu.

‘ You are going to tell me now or I kill him’, Sparrow announced.

‘Okay… The truth is that I did not know the code; but according to the information I got, I am the code, that is something about me is the code. So, I will have to work on it till I get it. The person even said that if I were not careful I would be kidnapped. So, you see if ” her royal highness”, there’, she said nodding towards Grace, ‘ had not kidnapped me, I would still be kidnapped, and would still be brought here’.

‘ Sparrow, leave am. Let her take us there’, Grace advised.

Sparrow eyed her maliciously.

‘ What if he tries to run away’, Sparrow said, pointing to Bidemi.

‘ He can’t run away, did you not see that he was even ready to die’, Bolu answered. Sparrow grudgingly loosened Pearl, then loosened Bidemi.

‘ Now move and lead us there, if anyone of you try any rubbish I will not hesitate to shoot you ‘.

Bidemi wanted to lead them to the room where he saw the money, but he decided against it. He wanted to know if Pearl’s money vault was real, if this underground was a haven of riches.

Sparrow pushed them out of the room, with Grace and Bolu coming from behind. They went to all the rooms at the opposite side of where they were and found nothing. They went to the right wing and found nothing because the doors were all locked.

By the time they got to the left wing, they were panting and tired from the walk: the place was a big place.

‘ Are you mad?’ Sparrow said. The others stopped. He was looking at her with eyes that were dark as if clouds for rain were gathering in it.

‘ Why did you deceive us?’

‘ I am not lying’, she said,’ I am sure and I know what I was told was not a false information, let us try the other rooms’.

‘ Shut ! You are a liar. You  wanted to waste my time abi’, he checked the time on his wristwatch,’ it will be 6:30 soon, so I will  do what I have to do fast and leave this place.’

‘ Let’s look for it in the remaining rooms now at least they are not up to fifty’, Pearl pleaded.

‘We need to leave now, and I must kill this guy here before I leave’, Sparrow barked, pointing at Bidemi.

‘ The two of you- get on your knee’, he shouted as Grace and Bolu shifted back.

Bidemi was sure nothing could change his death sentence this time. He knelt and closed his eyes almost immediately.

‘ I have told you to say your last prayer before, so you don’t need to say another one’, Sparrow wondered to say, ‘we will miss you bro.’

‘Sparrow, please wait’, Grace said suddenly.

Sparrow stiffened as he looked at her angrily. Bidemi was angry she would change everything again.

‘ Let me kill him myself’, she said.

Bidemi’s stomach knotted, his fear aggravated. He couldn’t believe his ears. Grace, who was crying over him the other time would now be his killer. He felt something touch his cheek. He touched his cheek, and saw that a drop of tears had managed to drop from his eyes to his cheek. Another drop of tears was hanging on his closed eyelid, deciding whether to remain there or drop.

Sparrow eyed. From his stance one could guess he was contemplating on whether to trust or not, his hands hanged beside him wobbly as he fixed his gaze on her. He shrugged and handed over the gun to her.

She faced Bidemi.

‘ I am so sorry but I have to do this’.

Bidemi was frustrated.

‘ You people like talking, shoot me, and let me go now. Ah!’, he said still shutting his eyes.

He felt her finger wiping the tears on his cheek. An electrical feeling passed through his body, he felt like holding those hands, but held himself. He wouldn’t open his eyes no matter what happened until she shoot him.

‘ Bolu, please turn back, I don’t want you to see this’, Grace said.

‘ Thank you, I don’t want to see it’. Bolu turned her back at them.

Suddenly an unusual silence infested the underground, such silence that could eat deep into the mind of the dead and resurrect them.

Then she shot the gun, making the silence of the underground run into hiding.


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