Her Beauty Calls- 33

​’ Wait!’

Bidemi thought  he  heard the voice of his dead great-grandmother, whose feeble hand had held his until she died in the hospital five years ago. He wanted to tell her how happy he was to meet her. He knew Sparrow would have shot the gun. He had stopped using all his sense organs the moment Sparrow got to 49. He wanted to see heaven- the golden gate, the angels, the tree of life, the golden street and houses, the living water; he wanted to listen to the voices of the angels, dead souls of Christians, and animals singing praises to God.

‘ Holy, Holy is the Lord God almighty who was and is and is to come’.

Then, he came to his senses. The noise was from within the house. He moved his head towards the owner of the voice. The voice was that of Pearl, her eyes were pleading.

Bidemi looked at Sparrow to meet Sparrow’s jaw hanging in the air as he opened his mouth in surprise. His eyeballs had widened in their sockets as if they would fall out.

 What for?’ Sparrow said, his face spitting out the anger that was within his heart. His hands flattened as he relaxed his muscles. An

‘ I can show you something in replace for his life’.

Bidemi returned his gaze to her, he noticed from the corner of his eyes that Grace moved away from her position and moved forward a bit, her phone in her hand.

‘ What…’ Sparrow said, lifting his nose to reveal with his face that he needed to get rid of Bidemi before something happened.

‘ There is some money in this place that few people know about. It is a top secret and only few know about it’.

Bidemi face lit. Bolu, who to be keeping herself in check as she held her phone to her mouth, pushed it away from her mouth a bit. Grace countenance as she stood erect, trying not to miss any of the information Pearl was passing. Bidemi knew he would have told them about the money in exchange for his life but he didn’t want to do that  why should he. He drew his lips inward, gritted his teeth, and narrowed his eyes, as he seemed to emit invisible smoke from his nose.

He wished he could get a big cello tape to cover Pearl’s mouth to stop her from talking, to stop her from delaying his desired death, to stop her from disrupting predestinated events. Although, he hated magic with passion, he wished at that moment he could have magic within his eyes that could prevent her from talking. Death was happily beckoning on him, but she had sent it away and that made him angry. He hoped Sparrow would not take her words, that he would kill him without hearing her out.

‘ What are you saying?’ Sparrow barked, losing his anger at last. Sparrow turned towards her,  holding the pistol firmly.

‘ I said some people dropped a  huge amount of money in this place and I  know where it is’.

‘If you know where it is, take me there’, Sparrow said, moving towards her like a glutton.

‘I can’t take you there, even, at gun point’.

‘Are you mad?’ He quizzed, ‘didn’t you say you will exchange it for his life, now’.

‘ Yes, I said it, but I saw the way you were coming towards me as if you would kill me if I did not tell you on time’.

‘ Who knows, I might’, Sparrow said, looking at her with his eyes fixed on her eyes,’ and if I kill you, I would find the money in all the rooms’.

She laughed hysterically.

‘ Fool! The money is not in any of the rooms’, she said, sneering like a wounded dog, ‘If I follow you what I heard well, the money is in the ground’.

Either Bidemi wanted to laugh at the false information she was gave him or she thought she had received, but he kept a straight face as the bags of money came back to his imagination.

‘ Let him go and I will give you the money’.

Sparrow laughed mockingly, and threw his head backward. He lifted the pistol and raised his second hand.

‘Oh God! This girl thinks I’m a fool’, he said, facing the ceiling of the room which was filled with cobweb.

‘Even, if I did not kill him, I can’t let him go as he already knows too much… Well, as the kind-hearted fellow, I am, if I see the money I can let him live and leave him here with you as I see he has a way of making ladies love him, then you two can profess your love for each other. At least, you would buy his life with the money. Also, I can’t allow you to leave your seat. So you will tell me where the money is like a gentle lady and save the life of this loser’.

Bidemi yinmu as he watched Sparrow moved back to watch Pearl.

‘So’, Sparrow said, pointing the gun to Bidemi’s head, ‘where is the money?’

‘Let me take you there’, Pearl said.

‘I will blow off his head’, Sparrow said, pressing the gun harder into Bidemi’s head. This made Bidemi groan a little.

‘ Let me take you there’, she said.

‘ Now, listen carefully’, Sparrow said as he left Bidemi and faced Pearl, narrowing his eyes, ‘ I will go back to him now and if I tell you to tell me and you refuse. I will blast his head off’’.

He moved back to Bidemi, and pointed the gun to his head,

‘ For the last time, where is the money’, his hand held the gun as if he, the owner, might refused to shoot it as promised.


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