Her Beauty Calls- 29

​Bolu entered. He glanced at her and shook his head.

‘ Bidemi, why are you doing this?’ You..’, she said.

‘Doing what?’ He cut in angrily and could feel pain of anger in his eyes.

‘ Why can’t you kiss Grace and let everything die. She is in the other room, crying her eyes off because of your adamancy’.’, Bolu said pointing towards the area the room might be.

Her last word struck his him as he wondered why she loved him so dearly despite all he had done to her. He remembered the day he was forced to lie against her in the class that she was disturbing him even when she was not disturbing him, because he wanted to leave her side.

‘ I won’t do it’, he said, ‘ let’s forget my case and deal with yours’.

‘ No, we are not dealing with anything. You…’ she said and paused, ‘what case?’

‘I didn’t know you were a liar. And that all your Christianity and your holiness was a show’.

‘ But…’ she wanted to say as she moved to the door as if he just hit her with a plank.

‘ I wished I knew all these things, I wouldn’t have advised many ladies to be your protégé’.

‘ It is not like…’ She tried to say again.

‘ I feel bad knowing I had been misjudging people all these while, I should have known’, he continued saying, not minding that she wanted to talk, and that he wasn’t allowing her to do so.

‘ Let me talk now’, she said finally as if she  regained her voice.

‘ I am so disappointed in Christians of today’, he kept saying. He himself couldn’t understand why he was ranting. He wondered if he was doing that to cover the fact that he was afraid of death. All he knew was that he was ready to throw jibes at Bolu. In fact, abusing her relieved him, so he kept talking.

‘What would the world now see us as, when the godliest among us is in a secret cult’.

Bolu was crying. He wasn’t sure he had ever made any lady cry except his younger sister, of course. He watched as tears rushed out of her eyes. He loved it. Maybe he would even save a soul back to the kingdom. A part of him was telling him to calm, but the part that wanted to talk dominated.

‘ The bible has told us to watch out for your type of persons. You are a green snake’, he said spitting towards her direction, ‘yes, you are a green snake, and do you know what will happen to green snakes?’ He asked as he paused again, ‘they will be killed. Green snakes are burnt alongside green bushes. Come back to God’.

Bolu was enraged by these last words.

‘Let me talk’, she shouted, stomping her feet on the floor. She closed her eyes and threw her hands into the air.

‘ I say let me talk…Let me talk… You’ve been talking since, you did not even allow me to reply. Do you know what happened? If you were in my shoe would you not do worse?’

‘I am not sure I will do…’

‘ Shut up’, she barked, ‘You don’t judge a man until you wear their sandals. If it were to be you that had no one sponsor him to school would you not want to join them?’ she asked, crying.

‘ I had to do some others works after class so as to meet both ends need. Yet, it wasn’t making sense. Have you ever asked me if I was hungry? Have you ever asked about my welfare?

The only thing you always wanted to know is how my spiritual life was’.

Bidemi swallowed hard as she unfolded the revelation to him.

‘The fellowship- they don’t visit us that are committed to the work of God, they visit only the newcomers and those that are shaking in Christ. I needed their help but they kept postponing it’, she continued narrating.

‘One of such days that I was hungry, Grace came to me and understood that I was hungry and that I needed help even after I’ve misjudged her like this’.

His stomach rumbled at the sound of the word ‘hungry’, but he wasn’t ready to show it.

‘She bought food for me, and took care of my needs. With her love, care, and constant request I had to join the cult’. Then she kept quiet, Bidemi also couldn’t talk.

‘ How many are you people?’ He managed to ask.

‘ Six, it’s a new cult’, she said,’ Cappo is in 500L Engineering and would be graduating soon, so Grace would be taking over soon’.

Bidemi understood that Grace would recruit many people into her cult with her love and care, especially ladies who love to get into her good book.

‘ What of sparrow?’ He said again.

‘ Sparrow is a junior to Grace, but he has a right as an exco in the group’.

Bidemi held back the urge to laugh that came over him, to laugh at the excoship.

‘ What if you get money now, will you still be a part of the cult?’

She stared at him. Pearl looked at him intently.

‘ What are you talking about?’ Bolu said.

‘You heard me well’, he said,’ I said if you get money now will you leave’.

His mind went to the money in that room.

The door opened.


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