Design Your Book Cover For Free

Do you need a simple design for your books or for a post like the ones below. Then I can do it for you. 

All you have to do is simple. 

 Just drop a comment on any post blog olofoforeview( in case you are seeing this somewhere else) on my blog. With the following information.

1. Name of book

2. Name of Author

3. Any other information

4. Any specifics you would love. Please don’t expect outrageous (or sophisticated designs o).

Also note that it is one day for two persons. So just drop your name I’ll do it. However, if urgent. Then you have to talk to the next person on queue. If the person agreesz I’ll do it for you.



  1. “Line of fire”
    (Wisdom Wilfred)
    To those in the east or south, going to the north is a big no. They see north as the line of fire. So i try picturing their fear and imaginations of the north.


  2. Red Ashes by Chioma N.
    I want it to be something like…

    Girl 1st Woman Man 2ND Woman Boy. Thanks. Pls, wen u’re done, jst alert me on Nairaland, tankz


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