Top 10 Nigerian Websites That Support Upcoming Writers

This is Olofoforeview’s list of Nigerian websites that have taken it upon themselves to support Upcoming Nigerian writers in different ways they can. They have given in their best to upcoming writers and are worth talking about. They have supported writers moneytarily, by giving out timely information, and by popularising these writers.


Olofoforeview top10 Nigeria literature site

Nairaland Forum(Literature Section): This is a forum own by Seun Osewa. Although the section does not support writers monetarily, but it had helped many upcoming writers stand on their feet. Many writers have been birth out of this great forum. The readers on this forum are enough to spur you to keep writing. Many upcoming writers have been able to finish their books because of they constantly write on this forum. Also, Literature Section’s Moderator, Obinnau, is really trying a lot as he and the top admin, Lalasticlala, take stories to the front page and that helps upcoming writers get Popularity.

2. Okadabooks

Olofoforeview top10 Nigeria literature site

This is an app owned by Mr. Ofili Okechuckwu who is an author himself. The App is a Nigeria type of Amazon, and has been made to help Nigerians buy and Sell books with our own Cash even without leaving our room. People can pay with Credit cards or through banks. Here, writers have the chance of making money from write up. A very good example is Sally Dazie who made over 150000 naira from the sale of just a book , ‘The Fourth Finger’.
In January, Okadabooks will be Sponsoring a competition organized by Olofoforeview worth over 300000 naira for dedicated writers.
3. Naijastories

Olofoforeview top10 Nigeria literature site
This is a site own by Mine whyteman. She also had posted numerous stories on Nairaland and had seen the need for writers to connect more. At the inception of the site, people got money from posting and commenting on the site but for numerous reasons the money are not being paid any longer. Yet, the site functions to make upcoming writers have their stories on its frontpage. has supported a lot of writers and would keep doing so.

Olofoforeview top10 Nigeria literature site

: Storried supports monetarily and popularity wise. This site was founded by a nairalander, Maclatunji (Abdulkabir Olatunji) and two of his friend Andy Akhigbe and Muyiwa gam-Ikon. The site was made to support writers and they have making Impact by giving out 20000 naira every month to a writer with the best short story. Also, they support a lot of upcoming writers by posting their stories on their blog.

5. Dnbastories: 

Olofoforeview top10 Nigeria literature site

This is a site own by Daniel Ndako is one that allows upcoming writers to send stories to their site. It has helped upcoming writers to become better by popularizing their work in his site. Since, not every writer can just post on the site and this makes upcoming writers do a thorough Editting of their work before sending it for publication.
6. Creativewritingnew:  

Olofoforeview top10 Nigeria literature site

This great site is owned Mariam David and Chioma Iwuenze-Ibiam who has taken it yo inform people about News happening in the literary world and also post competitions for writers. Get updated at

7. Scribespad:

Olofoforeview top10 Nigeria literature site

 This is a social network for upcoming writers. It is a community with an avenue for networking. 
8. Discuss.Okadabooks: 

Olofoforeview top10 Nigeria literature site
Discuss. Okadabooks

December 1 2016, saw Ofili Okechukwu opening a forum for writers upcoming and veteran to connect. And it has been operational ever since as great writers are beginning to troupe in enmass to the forum.
9. Olofoforeview: 

Olofoforeview top10 Nigeria literature site

This is a site created by Akíntayo Akínjídé who started the site to Review Yoruba movies, to post news about Literature only and post his story. The site would be is the Organizer of Future write competition which will see its edition sponsored by Okadabooks. 
10. Add Yours



  1. Gr8 ones. What about I can say the writa helps upcoming writers by reviewing buks


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