” Creative/Freelance Writers in Nigeria”calls Articles

For the Second time this year Creative/Freelance writers In Nigeria is hosting a writing event. This time we are opening the doors to creatives from all over Nigeria and beyond, we want to show the world how beautiful the expressive mind is. Personally I have met a lot of change makers while writing on various platforms, people driven by a purpose and carrying a message. I feel we can bring these wonderful people together in one E-Magazine.
So starting today we are accepting submissions till the 31st of Dec 2016, the E-Magazine will be available before the end of January 2017.
The organiser said, “This will be our first Issue and as I type this I can feel the anticipation, without the help of my team this would still be in my shelf.
Peace Opaleye Charles Fate and our New additions the spectacular Blessing Mary Ocheido and Mhiz Oladokun Eunice have assured me this is one gift we can give to our friends in the new year.
I was worried about some technicalities and finance but through divine providence two wonderful women have agreed to Chaperone the event and submissions:

1. Deborah Eludire who is an established Editor.

2. Osadebe Hephzibah Ijeoma an Author and business woman.

Its very simple, pick a pen and paper, excite us, express something new, build an empire, tell us a story that would turn our lives around. Send your submissions to cfwpage@gmail.com and join the CFW group to stay updated as events unfold.
Word Limit:
– Be socially compliant.
– Be brief.
– Don’t bore us.
For fiction, articles, nonfiction, do not exceed 500 words”.
Drop your comments below.


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