Her Beauty Calls- 27

​Yemi was surprised to see Bidemi, he knew him very well.

 Yemi knew of how ladies talked about this guy as if he was their god, of how their eyes sparkled whenever they see him, of how they giggled behind him, of how they quickly take their eyes off him whenever he wanted to look at their side, and of they mindlessly scribbled his name whenever they were daydreaming.

 Yemi smirked, and wished to be as handsome as  Bidemi. He always craved for attention from ladies but it’s only the brain that lurks around him, none of the ladies sees him as a partner to talk, walk or sit with.

 Yemi pocketed his phone again as he rested in the wet grass. The sand  pierced the pore of his skin. Someone had come to the field and had started jogging, exercising his body before their arrival but he was not concerned about this person..

 Suddenly, something creaked. Yemi and his men got ready to either shoot or strike whoever or whatever it was that was coming.. Someone came out of the ground swiftly, and locked the door of his passage, immediately.

 Yemi crawled gently towards the man, his gun drawn as he kept  moving towards the man whose outline in the darkness showed that he was hefty. Then, Yemi gave a signal that made his men rise slowly.

‘ If you move an inch, you are dead’, Yemi announced silently into the man’s ear. The man froze and wanted to turn swiftly but Yemi placed the cold gun on the man’s cheek.

 Yemi waved his hands and some of his men came towards them.

‘ Take him to the station’, Yemi told a sturdy man.

 ‘ You two’, Yemi said, pointing to two of the policemen, ‘Follow him, also’.

 Yemi was happy. At least, he had gotten one of these people. They caught him silently, and bloodlessly and that’s how operation should be done.

 Can all of the operation be like that?

 God, can all operations be like this?



  1. 1. B.F.F: BEST FRIENDS FOREVER by Serah Iyare

    2. AS DEEP AS THE SEA by Serah Iyare

    3. RAZOR TONGUE by Serah Iyare

    4. BROKEN BOTTLE by Serah Iyare

    5. WINDS OF FATE by Serah Iyare

    6. HEARTSTRINGS by Serah Iyare

    7. TOGETHER FOREVER by Serah Iyare

    8. TORN by Serah Iyare

    9. BUKOLA ALAKARA by Serah Iyare

    10. TWO BECOMES ONE by Serah Iyare


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