Her Beauty Calls- 26

​Bidemi ran to the back of the door, his heart thumping heavily, his blood running helter skelter like market women that have just been raided as he expected the worse. Sparrow entered the room, his eyes, red as if he would use it to burn down a whole city. He was holding a pistol, Bidemi wanted to run away but he knew Sparrow would use the gun on him if he dared do anything than to obey.

He and Sparrow had had clashes before. Although, during those times he had not retaliated, people such as his class mates, friends and others had fought for him. After which they would abuse him, Bidemi, for not fighting back 

An unforgettable time was the time he was coming from a prayer -meeting at the Chapel of resurrection. He passed the road that led from Mellanby-Tedder halls via the Faculty of Arts to Zik hall. When he got to Zik river, someone hit him from behind. He turned sharply and struck the person a deadly blow that made the person shout in pain. He saw the person was Sparrow, so he ran away for his dear life. Although, he didn’t know who Sparrow was back then, he knew he was to steer clear of him. Yet, Sparrow still always find an avenue to pick a fight with him.

When, Sparrow saw that it was Bidemi, a bright dangerous smile spread on his lips, lightning his face, and later making him open his teeth wide.

‘Whoa…’ He screamed, ‘Happy birthday to me’, he sang happily as he used the gun to hit his head rhythmically. He shook his head with joy, ‘happy birthday to me’.

Grace entered the room, and opened her mouth as she saw Bidemi, her gun hanging by her side.

Bidemi was breathing hard. He breathed out thrice in a second and breathed-in another in another second. Even as different thoughts   began to fly into his mind.

His eyes were darting from Sparrow to Grace to the guard. All his senses were at alert. Even, his straight nose could not prevent him from hyperventilating; his skins pores were releasing the salty sweat his body had been hiding. His armpit were hot and he felt hot sweat drip from it to his body.

‘ Come out!!’ Sparrow ordered, ‘Grace, lead him to the other room’.

She eyed Sparrow as she motioned with her hands for Bidemi to move forward. She led him on to the room Pearl was kept.
Pearl looked up, shook her head in disgust and looked down again. His heart melted at her reaction.

Sparrow entered. carrying another chair. Grace was speechless. She moved to the wall, leaned against it, folded her thigh and placed it on the wall as her fingers drummed it (the thigh).

Sparrow dropped the chair, came to Bidemi and pushed him towards the chair.

‘ Are you out of your mind?’ Pearl bellowed. She moved forward in her seat.

‘ Wetin do you?’ Grace said as she gave Sparrow a repulsive look.

‘ Ah- ahn’, Bolu also complained.

‘ If I whoze you’, Sparrow shouted at Pearl since she was the only one in the room he was more powerful than after Bidemi, raising his hand in the stance of one that wants to slap another person.

Bidemi sat on the seat provided. Sparrow came to him and tied him to the chair. He tied it so hard that Bidemi wondered if that was the only thing he knew how to do.

He was surprised that Pearl shouted when Sparrow pushed him and wished Sparrow could push him again . He began to suspect she was having feelings for him, and this made his heart warm. It wasn’t a news again that he was very handsome. Although, he had never allow it get into his head, he knew he was always handsome. And this his handsomeness has made many ladies, his classmates especially, take pictures with him whenever they got the chance,ó some of them have even used his picture as their DP despite his refusal of the act.

‘What do we do with him?’ The guard asked Grace.

‘ I don’t know’, she whispered, hitting her forehead with edge of her palm.

‘ So…’ Sparrow said,’ you were the one that actually tried to enter the toilet’.

Bidemi stared at him as if didn’t know that. He used this type of stare whenever his mother complained about anything in the house.

‘ My question is how did you manage to find the door, and how were you able to confuse ‘Abefele’ and make them believe another person did it?’

Bidemi kept staring, wondering if he should answer Sparrow or not.

‘So what do you want here?’ Sparrow said.

Bidemi’s eyes roamed from where Sparrow was standing to Grace.

He widened his eyes when he saw her. There was a saying that if ones want to know the true beauty of a lady, one should visit her in the morning. He straightened his head as he surveyed Grace with his weary eyes.

She had always been hiding under the cloud of eye-liners, eye’shadows, lip gloss, attachment and the rest. Today, he saw her for what she was: she was extremely beautiful. She was putting on a red, three-quater sport short; a black jersey and a black tennis boot. Her hair was parked in an american-braided-ponytail style.

His adam’s apple danced as he saw her beauty.

Then, it occurred to him that sometimes the people we call bad are good within.

‘I said what are you doing here?’Sparrow shouted as he used the butt of his gun to strike Bidemi on the face, making his lips tear.

‘You high?’ Grace shouted as she moved towards him; however, she was stopped by the guard.

‘Let me see you two outside’, the guard said to the two of them.

What will his fate be?


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