Her Beauty Calls- 25

​Yemi was lucky to escape Rose, and to get a bike easily. The bike rider was an early riser.

 During the journey from his house to Green city University, Yemi called the police station and requested that some of the men available come  to the University immediately.

 When the bike dropped him at the gate of the school, there was no bike to take him into the main campus, so he jogged  to the sport complex.

 The brain had told him the main route was the sport complex. 

 The back up he called for arrived and they positioned themselves at different positions, waiting for the criminals, waiting for a chance to enter and a chance to catch these criminals.

Then, he received a whatsapp video showing a guy he used to see in their ;linguistics classs and a lady from his department- rather, the department he was doing he was doing his undercover job. 

  When he saw the lady he was surprised, he never believed that she could be a member of a cult.

What is this world turning to?


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