Her Beauty Calls- 24

​She moved forward, and Bidemi was surprised to see what she was putting on: a black body-hug- polo, and leggings on black trainers. He smacked his head. He should have known, and suspected something was . Everything pointed to her evolving which started with a minor change- when she suddenly stopped putting on long skirts- which she replaced with shorter, tighter ones.

She now wears body-hug. He didn’t suspect her because she didn’t change from skirt to trousers.

Then, the door of the room (they were holding Pearl in) opened again.

‘Oh! You got here early’, another known voice said. Although, this voice did not rattle him, he wondered if his whole course mates were cultists.

The voice was that of Grace. Grace Ademola.

‘I never knew you could get this place so easily’.

‘Well, I myself did not know I would get this place, but I felt led to the right place’.

Bidemi then remember that the gift and calling of God are without repentance. She can still operate in the gift of the Holy Spirit but he (the Holy Spirit) has stopped working through her.

‘That’s good’, Grace said. She did not come forward, so he could not see her, ‘you know, I wish I can get this your ability’. 

Bolu laughed loudly. ‘Ability indeed…’

The door opened again.

‘Gracey!’ A male voice hailed. A tall fair lanky guy came forward.

‘Sparrow, how far?’

‘I dey ooo, how you dey na’.

‘I no fine ooo. I never see my boyfriend since yesterday’.

‘Which boyfriend?’

‘Which boyfriend I get?’

Bidemi smiled, for two reasons- one Sparrow and Grace were showing the quality of typical Nigerians: they will always reply questions with questions. Moreover, he was happy she had a boyfriend, which implies that all her disturbances were joke.

‘Ah!’ Sparrow bent in laughter. He stood again and bent on his stomach as if he wanted to vomit, ‘ Na that guy you dey call your boyfriend? Person wey no gree for you…Even if na your boyfriend wetin come be my own’.

Bidemi knew she was referring to him. She was indeed taking it serious and that made him shiver from within. How will he escape the wrath of a cultist?

‘I fear say some people done abduct am, because I see say him dey run go meet somebody yesterday. And he no dey miss class but him miss three class yesterday’.

Bidemi smiled at this statement. It was true; he had never missed a class since they resumed classes.

‘Ehn!’ Sparrow said nonchalantly, opening his palms to the sky, ‘ no be abduct you too dey abduct people since, make dem even abduct the mad boy so that people like us go get chance with you’. He tried to touch her.

She slapped him across the face; yet she didn’t come into view for Bidemi to see.

‘You dey craze’, he shouted as he moved towards her.

The only thing Bidemi saw was fair-fisted hands punching Sparrow severally, he was sure that was Grace’s hands.

He opened his mouth in surprise as she gave him another rounds of punch, hitting him at delicate places: she hit him in places that can weaken any man.

He fell to the ground panting and gasping for breath.

‘If you ever call am mad again, I go kill you’.

Bidemi’s mouth remained opened in surprise. He never seen a lady beat a guy in front of him. The only place he believed they make people fantasize that is in movies.

‘Grace, chilex’, Bolu pleaded, ‘abeg leave am’.

There was silence for a great amount of time as Sparrow rose to his feet, his blood vessels pumping hard under his skin and his muscles hardened. Bidemi wondered if Grace had left the room because the whole was silence.

‘Hey! Poke-noser’, Grace said mockingly, ‘ are you still looking for your friend?’

Pearl looked up, her eyes squeezed like a bird that wants to catch an earthworm from the muddy dark earth. Her lips were pressed together in anger as she stared dagger at Grace.

‘I know you will not answer. I wonder what a church girl like you would need to find a friend for? Can’t you pray to your God? Isn’t he all knowing? He would have answered and save you the stress of coming here. Now you will be here for a long time. If we are kind enough, we would initiate you into our kingdom, which I would soon be the leader of. Or… We kill you…’ Grace stopped talking as the guard moved to her, and whispered into her ear.

‘ Wow!!! I will be getting more money from our leaders  soon. Do you know how that will look like? You are a treasure. Please, pray for me’, Grace joked. She knelt  before Pearl, whose expression had changed from anger to perplexity.

‘ It’s nice kidnapping you’, she said, paused, ‘ do you know a guy was caught yesterday at the female toilet? I want to believe the guy was one of your admirers. I swear, I almost fell for your beauty also when I was going to suffocate you yesterday that I had almost stopped while I was admiring you’.

‘ You brought me here?’.

‘ Who else have the ability to bring you here? I suffocated you when you entered the toilet’.

‘ So, what will you do to me?’

‘ Nothing, for now’.

‘ For now?’

‘ Yes now, if we receive any new information regarding you, we will carry it out’.

‘ And what’s your gain?’.

‘ Oh! Money…More money’.

Pearl hissed out of anger.

‘Foolishness… Not connection and any other thing’.

‘ Shut up! Are you dunce? Don’t you see that connection will be there?

Bidemi looked at Pearl as she checked the time again. He wondered what must be running in her heart at that time, and wished he could share her pain with her’.

‘ We will be leaving you soon’.

‘ Is that my concern?’

‘ It should be, because after tomorrow morning, you will be the only person here’.

‘ Since, I arrived, I had been staying here alone; yet I might be not be alone’.

‘ Well…’ Grace said tiredly,’ whatever you see or whoever you assume is with you will not help you. So, you better come to the reality that you are here alone. The others will be leaving you soon’.

They opened the door, then a phone rang. Bidemi jumped.

One of the phones in his pocket rang. He remembered Pearl’s phone was on vibration but had forgotten his own phone was still on.

He removed the phone from his pocket, and ran to the wall, behind the door. He silenced the call and was surprise to see who was calling, it was Airtel calling with their 07080******, the number they use to ask people to get callertunes. He felt  mad and wished he could send magical curses to their company for what they have done.

Someone kicked the door to his room and it opened, hitting him on the face.


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