Her Beauty Calls- 23

​Sometimes, some mistakes are blessing in disguise. Yemi, who hated his phone ringing out, had unknowingly changed the profile of his call tone.

 The phone rang out loudly as if it was doing so with all of its mind, all of its soul, and all of its heart; as if finally, it had gotten the opportunity it had been looking for- to ring out.

 Yemi rose from his bed with anger and surprise at what he was seeing. He had slept off.

 He smacked his head with the edge of his right palm.

 What was he thinking of? He should have allowed Rose to sleep off.

 Yemi looked at the ringing phone and took it quickly. It was Brain.

‘Hello’, he whispered.

‘Hello, it’s five o’ clock, I’m leaving for the place where are you people?’

 Yemi’s heart flip, was he going to send her into danger zone without any extraction plan?

‘We will be waiting’.

‘Good… And remember to stay online’.

 ‘I will…’

‘Remember…The videos…’

The line went off.

 Now, how does he get to GreenCity University and gather his men within the next twenty minutes.


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