Her Beauty Calls- 22

The men understood the reasons behind the deputy’s excessive laughter. And most of them bursted into laughter.

‘ What will we do with her?’

‘She is  the one needed to send him out peacefully. We will either tell him we will blackmail him or we would threaten to kill her’.

‘Does anybody have any question?’

‘I have sir’, someone said, ‘will we still go on with the first plan?’

‘Yes… We need to use one stone to catch two birds, and then make our Cherie-pick. Okay.  This is 2am; we will be leaving to GreenCity University hotel from where you all will be going to your different place. Now that you’ve all gotten the reason we are doing this, I will advise you all to be alert for new information and note that you will be notified about the work you are to do. In addition, I will enjoin you all to allow my man blindfold you all as we all proceed to leave’.

The men allowed themselves to be blindfolded. A rope was tied around their hands so that they would all go in a single file. They were led out of the room by the guard, the deputy following them, making a grave silence fall on the underground.   Bidemi watched them with widened eyes, his anger still swelling  at the Deputy Governor, at the men that joined themselves to the conspiracy of the Deputy governor.. He wondered why the political world had to always be dirty, with rampant killing and why they had to keep blackmailing one another. The dirtiness is the reason many serious Christian are afraid of dabbling with politics; thereby, leaving the dirty men to control the affairs of the nation. 

He peeped to know if the passage was free.

When he was sure they had gone and were not within earshot. He went into Pearl’s room. He couldn’t explain what he had heard to her. He was speechless; he didn’t know how to explain it to her that she was the daughter of the Governor. He had no option than to stare at her. She frowned.

 He kept staring, not knowing if he should tell her or keep it from her.

It was a well-known fact that the governor’s wife had not given birth to any child for him since they got married. People had wondered why he didn’t marry another wife. In fact, some people concluded that he was blindly in love with his wife that he won’t think straight enough to have any extramarital affair; however, others of the opinion that he surely had other women aside his wife. 

‘What happened?’ Pearl said him.

‘They want the governor of the state to leave his position immediately he wins. So they were trying to device a means of getting him out of the position’.

‘Did they find one?’

‘Yes!’ He decided not to tell the later part of their plan, ‘they want to find some information in the prison yard. They believe a man had been going around three particular prisons. They suspected that this man is doing the governor’s business, and they want to know his plan’.

He moved near her.

‘Let me untie this ropes and let us run away’.

‘No, don’t’, Pearl said sharply, ‘ and you need to run away before they catch you’.

‘ Where do I run to?’

‘Back to the library’.

‘ Are you kidding me?’ Bidemi said,’ I know there are guards, out there, waiting for me to  show my face but if I leave without you, I would have no proof for whatever explanation I might want to give. That aside, if I pass the library how will I get out?’

‘But you have to leave this place?’

‘ Why?’ He said, narrowing his eyes as lines formed on his forehead. His pupils moved from one end of the eyes to the other, ‘why don’t you want to leave?’

‘ They will still find me’.

‘No… We will get a solution to this, we will find a means of informing the police’.

‘I… we can’t. Moreso, if I leave now, how will I get all the information I need as regarding this people. I need concrete evidence’.

‘ There are evidences here. All you need is in front of you’, Bidemi said 

‘ I have other plans’.

He was dejected.

‘ I will have to find a place to hide overnight, then tomorrow I will find the other door, then I will come back for you’.

‘Why are  you adamant? If you leave now you can escape from this people’.

‘There is no way to leave this place. I must have entered this place with desperation that I did not know the exit would not be easy to find. I would have to wait here overnight then find a way to leave this place.  And then, I will come back for you people’, he restated.

He left her room, went out into the passage after being sure he was safe, peered into the room beside the one she was, and saw that there was no one in the room.

Then, he concluded that this cultist leave a room between the rooms of their captives, maybe to prevent the abducted people from talking, planning and any other reason. He placed a seat near the hole to watch her.

As he rested on the chair, he wondered what part Grace was playing in all this. He guessed she might be the one seducing men to the underground.

He moved his back forward a bit, as he rested his head on the chair, and dozed off.

He dreamt that he fought with two women. One of the women looked familiar but he did not know where he knew her. Although, the two of them were strangely familiar.

He was so deep in his sleep until the noise of an opening door aroused him from his sleep. Bidemi jumped. He looked about and sighed. Then, he relaxed a bit, breathing gently as he saw it was not the door of his room. It was the room Pearl was held in. Someone entered. Bidemi  peered into the hole to see who entered the room, but he saw nothing.

The guard came in and went to Pearl who was sleeping, he shook her roughly and moved back as she moved. She woke  with a , her eyes darting from one part of the room to the other.

‘I have seen you before’, Pearl said, and this made Bidemi wonder what was wrong with her. Had she not seen the guard before? He feared something had happen to her brain; maybe worrying had gotten the better part of her.

‘Erm… You were the last person I saw talking to my friend before he disappeared’.

‘What’s wrong with Pearl?’ He whispered, ‘I hope she is not going mad?’

Bidemi wondered what was wrong with her as she continued staring at the guard in front of her.

‘So, you brought me here?’ Her eyes closed in anger, ‘I should have known’.

There was a pause, he shook his head. She was not going mad. He studied her eyes and saw that it was fixed on something behind the guard. He tried to see what it was but he did not know what it was.

‘Yes, I am the one, and I’m not the one for the other question’.

Bidemi almost jumped out of his skin when he heard the voice. He wondered what life was becoming. He knew this voice.

This was the voice of a  popular Christian in his department, one known for her love for the things of God. Her name was Boluwatife. She was referred to an S.U. He remembered that she accosted Grace the day Grace tried to send people away from his side; yet, nothing happened to her unlike the other girls who had tried accosting Grace.

What was Bolu doing there?


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