Her Beauty Calls- 20

​Bidemi  like running after the man, to stop him from touching Pearl whom his heart had clung to. But he controlled his emotion and sat still. Since, she won’t be taken out of the place at that time. Now, he was happy Pearl had refused to follow him when he proposed it. The men would have discovered too early that they were not there, and would have catch up with them. Bidemi wanted a clean escape.

‘But chief’, another man said, ‘ how did you discover this place?’

‘The governor did the finding. The builders of the library built it alongside the main building, and they built it for privacy and people with wits. This place was made for intellectuals, I mean  brainy people who will join clues together to discover this place. The governor brought out the file of this place out of its archive three months ago, and I got the opportunity of seeing the file. I made a photocopy, and that was how I discovered this place and their secret ways’.

‘But did the builder not know that this place might be an abode for evil activities’, another person said.

‘According to him, for anybody to discover this place, the person must have been a regular user of the library and the person, also, must be  brilliant to discover this place’.

‘And since you got here, have anybody ever be seen around this place?’

‘None’.’ you see?’

‘But which Library is this?’

‘The biggest one in Fortune City University’.

‘What will you do to the girl?’ A bald man said.

‘We will kill her; of course, she is of no use to us’.

This shocked Bidemi. Blood rushed into his head, as his heart pounded severally. The door opened.

The guard pushed Pearl into the room.

Bidemi’s head boiled with anger; he shook his head like a dog and repeatedly shook his foot.

He watched her stoic mood as the man pushed her forward, her hand still at the back.

He looked at her and wondered what had gotten into him- it must be lust. He silently said a prayer of forgiveness as he watched the men look at her. Her beauty still overshadowed her rough look.

Pearl was silent and her eyes were roving over the room.

‘Is this girl that is pokenosing into our business’, the deputy said, his eyes widening
A bright smile creeped to the Deputy Governor’s lip and he hit his hand on his head in realization of something.

Pearl looked at her wristwatch. Her captor had not taken it, and it still held on to her hand as if the hand was the only thing that could save its life.

‘I see!’ He said finally.

Sometimes, when we say I see it is not because we are blind, it is because we were blind to whatever we were being told before i.e it was foggy.

‘What should I do to her?’ The guard said the deputy, his strong muscular hand holding Pearl firmly.

‘Take her out…’ He ordered silently, trying unfailing to hide the joy in his heart. The deputy governor nodded his head to an unheard beat; the smile on his lips lingered there.

The guard took her out of the room, practically pushing her even though she wasn’t putting up any resistance.

The deputy Governor laughed hysterically. The others wanted to laugh but had no reason to join him, so they looked at him in awe.

He stopped and looked at them.

‘What we are looking for has come to us’.

The deputy Governor laughed again.

The men had no option than to smile as he kept laughing.

He controlled himself. He was breathing hard as if he had finished a relay race.

‘You all know that I am the Governor’s best friend’.

The guard returned into the room.

It is a well-known fact that the deputy was the Governor’s best friend. Bidemi remembered a time the Governor was sick. People believed he would die, even him, the Governor himself. He wasn’t bothered about the press that were around, he told his deputy that he would love him to marry his wife since the deputy’s wife was dead. These issue caused controversy- questions were raised; people debated and wondered what was happening, but the Deputy did not agree to the wish of the governor. When the Governor recovered, he told the press his friend was the only person he trusted on earth to take care of his wife.

‘And you will all agree with me that I know most his secrets, if not all ‘, the deputy told the men in the room.

The men nodded, even, Bidemi nodded in the room he was hiding. He paid rapt attention to the man. He made sure he was not missing anything.

‘About 18 years ago, he slept with a woman, and did not know she was pregnant when he left area. Last month, the woman came to tell him she had a daughter for him. He had not seen the girl, but the woman had shown him the girl’s picture. I got the opportunity to see the picture’.

Bidemi sat at the edge of the chair, the chair screeched. He held his breathe.

He had given himself away. He quickly looked back into the hole. The man had stopped talking, he looked at the hole, Bidemi shifted his head; however, the deputy Governor was not looking at the hole. It looked as if he was in a trance.

The men shifted uncomfortably in their seats. The deputy smiled again; his smile made him open all of his teeth. It transformed from smile to laughter again.

Bidemi  the man had seen him, and was laughing at what he was seeing him there. People, like this, can be dangerous. He was ready to run for his life if anything happened. Bidemi was sweating and smelling. The microorganism under his armpit had begun to reproduce itself, making him smell like a rotten egg.

The atmosphere was tensed, even Bidemi couldn’t stop looking into the hole, so that he wouldn’t miss anything. He didn’t want to be caught off-guard.

‘Have any of you gotten the meaning of that?’ The deputy said.

The deputy Governor looked from one man to another; the men in the room including the guard shook their head.

‘Are you joking?’

The men still looked confused. He smiled.

Bidemi was at alert.

‘Don’t you know we’ve  gotten the treasure we need to send the Governor out of his office, peacefully’?

‘How?’ a man managed to ask.

‘Don’t you know she is the one I was talking about’; he said looking at them as their mouths opened in awe. Bidemi would have sighed that he wasn’t caught had it been the man didn’t reveal this truth.

‘She is the Governor’s daughter’.


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