Her Beauty Calls- 19

​Bidemi sneaked out, leaving Pearl with a big smile on her lips despite her present predicament. He entered the room beside the one the men entered, making sure the door didn’t make any noise. Luckily, there was nobody in the room.

He looked about, wondering if he would have to stand throughout the meeting, and saw a chair and a loosed rope. He figured out that ot must be the room the only guy that had ever escaped, escaped from. Bidemi placed the chair near the hole, sat on it, and placed his ear to the wall, making sure he was looking at the door of the room he was listening from.

‘Who are we waiting for?’ someone said as the men who were formerly blind folded sat around a round-table.

‘He will be here soon?’

The door of the next room opened, disturbing the silence in the underground.

A short plump man entered the room. His fat cheek and his short neck complimented his pot belly as he walked towards an empty chair.

‘Chief?’ Someone exclaimed as the men rose from the seats both in excitement, and in surprise.

‘Welcome, please have your seat’, the chief said with an husky voice.

Seats screeched as they all sat.

A few seconds of silence passed among them as the man called Chief requested that the hefty man should bring some files and share among the men.

‘I’m sorry for bringing you here this way, but it is expedient’, he paused and looked at their faces. ‘ This place is still a secret, and that’s why you had to be blindfolded before getting here because we did not want any problem for you in the future: The less you know, the safer you are’.

He paused to watch the reaction of the men.

‘Now…To the business of the day’, he said,’ as you all know that I am the deputy Governor and that I am secretly nursing the ambition of being a governor. The next election is getting near and I would love the governor to step down for me, his deputy, after we win’.

‘You are right’, someone chipped in.

‘So, we have decided that roping the governor in something is the only thing that can make my ambition achievable, not forgetting that you all will be promoted’.

‘So,what do we do?’ someone said.

‘Well, before now, we did not have anything to blackmail him with, but as at last five weeks ago we found one. I was tipped by one of his bodyguards that he sent someone to another person’, he paused, swallowing hard’, I called some of my men to follow the man that the message was sent to. They told me that the man visits different prisons every Friday’.

‘What for?’

‘We don’t know…I don’t know, but I am very sure the governor is planning to do something big that would make him get more votes during the election. So, for this reason I told my men to get 15 men who will go into the prison to know what the man is up to because he had been noted to frequent three prisons. We will be sending five men to each of them. We have trained these guys. Although, they were brought here against their will, they had been compelled to do our will’.

‘But why do you have to use outsiders and not our own men?’

‘Simple, so that if anything happens, we will be on the safer side’.

The men nodded their heads in agreement.

‘Do we all agree to this?’

‘Yes…’ They chorused.

He turned to face the guard, who stood behind the door like a statue, and s to be invisible in the room until the deputy governor called on him.

‘You will be leading us to see each of them’, the deputy governor said.

The man went to the Deputy Governor, spoke into his ear, and withdrew.

‘Who is she?’The deputy governor said, his right hand resting on the arm of the black chair he  sat in.

‘We don’t know, but we believe she was finding information about this place and was getting near the truth’.

‘Hmmm… Bring her’, he told the man, who in turned left the room to bring Pearl.


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