The Expected Etisalat Flash Fiction 2016 Shortlist- Top 50

On December 3rd the Etisalat Flash Fiction 2016 ended the public voting of entries. The competition was rigorous as people employed various method to scout for votes. However after everything someone must emerge the winner. But before the winner would be announced, Etisalat has promised they would present the shortlist tomorrow, Tuesday, 6th December. I know it could be exciting, I even competed  but didn’t meet up the number of the lowest 100 which was exactly 100 votes.

However, on this list we have the lowest as high 240 votes. There were some people who didn’t get any vote in this competition.

If the system would follow the rule stipulated for the Etisalat Flash Ficrion 2016, here is a list of the expected top 50 that would be seen in Etisalat Flash Fiction 2016 shortlist, ones I meticulously compiled.

  1. Demi god- Monte Ebelechukwu- 3119 votes
  2.  Fighting for survival- Ishul Agabi(2338 votes)
  3. The funeral- Olubimpe Ibiteye(1806 votes)
  4. I will stand alone- Christwealth Jedidah(870 votes)
  5. Confused- Onduru Tekena Cornelius(858 votes)
  6. The wages of wrath- Temiloluwa Adebowale(839 votes)
  7. Estranged-Okechukwu Okeke Onyeka(663 votes)
  8. Kohl Park- Izundu Santa Amanze(636 votes)
  9. The wait- Ebohon Blessing (542 votes)
  10. Elite- Uchechi (452 votes)
  11. Walk the talk- John Adebisi(415)
  12. Brand Iron- Uchechi Prince will(407 votes)
  13. The news- Precious Hajarah(407 votes)
  14. To die a death- Temitope Yesalli(405 votes)
  15. Till I no longer loved him- Oredola Kayode
  16. Speed Breaker- Obahor Rekwewe(373 votes)
  17. The oath- Agwalogu Akobundu(326 votes)
  18. The other woman- Helena Gwani(354 votes)
  19. The seventh person- Ademule David (302 votes)
  20. Bar Mitzah- Salvation Otubu(393 votes)
  21. Hunted- Christian Chidera(306)
  22. Meeting Da Da- Kadiri Alex(433 votes)
  23. A thin line – Oguche Joseph Ojimi(341 votes)
  24. Numbered sausage For Lunch- Ohaghulam Fortune(301 votes)
  25. Baby taking care of Baby- Njeze Nwachi Oliaku(296 votes)
  26. A weak smile- Nnamdi Rosemary(282 votes)
  27. In memoriam- Eneh Phina Cynthia( 263 votes)
  28. Dirge- Afolabi Mariam Ajoke( 266 votes)
  29. Forsaken- Oluwagbemileke Bolajoko( 262 votes)
  30. How to chase a tail- Ahmah Abdullahi(268 votes)
  31. The switch- Ogbeneazo Onaweh(275 votes)
  32. The evil that men do- Chiaka Martins( 350 votes)
  33. Prize Fighter- Pokima Alima Ibigonu( 268 votes)
  34. Deep down-Oritsegbugbem Atimomo( 266 votes)
  35. Colour of Insanity (273 votes)
  36. The rise of Tura- Stella Nathan Omubo-pepple (259)
  37.  274 days and no more- Biodele Bob Manuel(275 votes)
  38. Your turn- Bukola Adepeju( 277 votes)
  39. Woman- Abu Jephtah(280 votes)
  40. Luthering World- Blessmond Alebna(270)
  41. Battlefield- Sunday Eyitayo Michael(260 votes)
  42. Mystery- Adeshina Oyindamola( 252 votes)
  43. Naked- Onyekachi Eberechi(431 votes)
  44. Red stream- Utukwa Bemshima( 253 votes)
  45. Taitum- Adekila Adebayo (254)
  46. Halima- Shadrach Saddih( 251 votes)
  47. Isolated Thought- Nosakhare Ehigie( 252 votes)
  48. My regrets- Adekola Adebayo(249 votes)
  49. Blind dream – Asoegwu Christiana(241 votes)
  50. Papa- Oyelere Oladipo(284 votes)

And that’s the list for you. So if you’ve been fasting it’s time to pray for miracle. If you’ve been praying it’s time to change your strategy. Things can still happen tomorrow.

Watch out for olofoforeview we will make sure you get the list early.


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