Her Beauty Calls- 18

A muscular man entered. Luckily, for Bidemi, he was behind door. The door closed on him and was going to bounce back, but he held it close to himself, flattening against the wall.
‘Why are you talking alone?’ The man barked at the guy.
‘I’m sorry’, he said,’ I was getting bored, so I decided to act a play by myself’.
‘If I hear your voice again. We will be a meeting at the other side. If I mistakenly hear your voice, I will beat you to a pulp’.
The man turned to leave, and then he decided to look at the back of the door.
The guy noticed this on time.
‘Who and who is having meeting?’ He said hurriedly.
The man turned with a distorted face.
‘Wetin concern you?’ he said, changing his position,’ instead of you to think of what you will face in the prison, you are asking who and who is having meeting’, he said and left the room angrily, pulling the door after him. Fortunately for Bidemi, he had released the door when he noticed it was stable and this prevented the man from noticing him. Bidemi stared at the guy, he stared back at him and they did this for a long time.
Bidemi listened carefully and was sure the man was gone.
He went silently to the guy.
‘Let me loosen this rope’.
‘Don’t bother, I don’t want to die. run away. Leave this place before they find you, you don’t want to face what we’ve faced. Moreover, I’m sure we cannot escape them’.
‘Well, I don’t have any other option; Abefele is outside that wall praying that I mistakenly return from this place’.
‘So, what will you do?’
‘I have to listen to their conversation’.
‘Well, I don’t know I might need it, do you know a way I can do it?’
The guy looked at him for a few seconds, shook his head, and shrugged.
‘There are always two small hole in every room’, he said as he used his pointed with his head.
Bidemi looked about and saw them- one on the left wall, the other on the right wall.
On getting this new revelation, he ran to the door, and opened it quietly.
He peeped out, looked to the left, and to the right. He saw that he had a free passage. He had to gently look for where the meeting was holding.
He tiptoed, and moved from one door to the other, putting his ear to the door to know where they were. As he was moving on, and was becoming confused, he heard someone humming. Though the person wasn’t shouting, the person’s voice was audible.
He breathed in, narrowed his eyes and swallowed hard.
The voice belonged to a female. His eyes brightened.
He opened the door to see the lady that he came to search for. She was tied to a chair with a thick rope. Her hair were scattered and she was sweating profusingly.
She looked at him with widened eyes, and then she widened it again. Then, she narrowed it again.
He was happy she recognized him; he smiled as he moved towards her. She stiffened and moved back as if he was coming to kill her. She did as if she would enter the chair.
‘So, you are one of them?’
He frowned and stopped on the track.
‘No… I was waiting for you to come out’, he said, whispering,’ because I wanted to talk to you…Like… I was attracted to you, but when I didn’t see you on time. I came to look for you. One thing led to another but I discovered how to get in here’.
She relaxed and dropped her head. He watched her and wished he could touch her face to remove the sadness from it.
‘Why were you kidnapped?’ He asked after he looked at from her head to toes.
‘My friend went missing, so I decided to find him secretly and I think I was getting near the truth about these people, because as I was leaving a GES class, someone squeezed a paper into my hand, it said I should meet someone else by 5pm in the toilet’.
‘5pm in the toilet’, Bidemi said with her in unison.
‘How did you know?’
‘I saw the paper in the toilet’.
‘You entered a female toilet?’
‘That was how I got here? Did you not know how you were brought here?’
She shook her head.
‘The moment I entered the toilet, I I was suffocated, and the next thing I knew was that I met myself here’.
‘Whoa…who could have…?’ He asked but had to keep quiet as he heard several voices in the passage.
‘Where are we?’ A voice said angrily from outside the room.
Bidemi trembled. He moved to the door and opened it gently.
Outside, there were nine robust men. The light in the passage reflected on their chubby face to reveal that most of them were perplexed.
‘Follow me’.
The man that was guarding the place led them to a room adjacent the one the girl was kept.
He told her what he saw.
‘I need to remove this rope from you now’.
‘No’, she said,’ go and see what is happening’.
‘No… I came here to release you’.
‘No… Please go and see what is happening’.
He felt like disagreeing with her, but his own curiosity took the better part of his will.
‘Okay, I will be back’, he sneaked out, and returned almost immediately.
‘Sorry, what’s your name?’
She widened her eyes.
‘Are you for real? You came back for my name’, she smiled, ‘you are something else’.
‘What’s it?’


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