Her Beauty Calls- 17

‘Part of who?’ Bidemi said, his brow drawing together in surprise. He watched as the guy flexed his muscle from the chair he was tied to. An expert must have tied the rope because the more the guy moved within the rope the more he winced in pain as the rope drew pattern on his body.
The guy shook his head in disdain.
‘If heaven is for every good people, then I should make heaven and not you’, the guy said angrily, eyeing Bidemi like someone whose white cloth had been dirtied.
‘What are you talking about?’
‘So, you that we see as a pastor. You that we call ‘holy’, ‘holy’ can be part of them?’
‘Part of what?’
‘See, even though, I was unserious I envied you. You were able to hold yourself from all the bad things we did. I did not know you are a hypocrite. So, you’re a cultist?’
‘Me? ‘Bidemi said drawing his head forward. Then, he understood that the guy he was part of some people that kidnapped him,’ I’m not a cultist. Someone kidnapped a girl, and I traced the person here’.
‘Okay’, the guy said as his expression change from anger to depression.
‘Did you come alone?’
Bidemi was caught unaware, he wondered if he had done something bad by coming alone. He couldn’t talk. He nodded. The guy laughed quietly.
‘Are you mad? Did they drop cocaine into that stupid thick skull of yours’, the guy said almost in a whisper, flexing his muscle in the rope, not minding the pain, ‘do you know the people you want to deal with? These people are terrible’.
Bidemi shook his head.
‘Then you are an absolute lunatic. Are you as dumb as you look? You will soon be… Dead’.
Bidemi shifted back. Although, he was not always afraid of death; in fact, he used to tell people he can die anytime, but he knew the death the guy was talking about was not real death, rather he was talking about the pain he, Bidemi would go through if he were caught.
‘What happened?’

‘They are cultist and they operate silently within the school. They could have invited me; instead of kidnapping me. Idiots’.
The school authority had tried their best to eradicate cultism in the University; hence, it was rare to hear about cultism in the University. Students go in and out peacefully. Some travel and get to their rooms before 12pm; others go to vigils, parties and the other places, and would still get to their hostel by 5am without any issue because the security of the school was tight. Therefore, the mention of cultists surprised Bidemi.
‘Why are they kidnapping people?’ He asked.
‘Well… They said they are training us for a mission. They needed people to go into a prison to get some information. And they chose me’.
‘What! What information do they need?’
‘They said the governor had been secretly sending an unknown man to the prison, and it is our job to find this information’.
‘But won’t you people run away if they release you?’
‘Run…’ He laughed softly, his eyes darting to the door, ‘ lower your voice, there is always one of them around. We can’t run because they have all the information about our families and have promised to kill them if we ever talk or run; moreover, everyething here works like a machine- it works with plan. These people are connected to the high and mighty of Nigeria. Even, those gurus no one had ever imagine would be part of it’.
Bidemi felt like talking, but he kept shut to hear what the guy would say.
‘ One of us that was able to escape was killed the moment he got out’.
‘How did you know?’
‘We were shown the video coverage of how he escaped running from here, and how he was killed. Before his death he went to the police and described this place to them, they tried searching for the place but found nothing, thereby, labelling him ‘a mad man”.
‘But how did they get you people?’
‘They got me through my weakness, I am sure that was how they got others. I had been trying to catch Grace’s attention but she refused’.
Something flickered in Bidemi’s brain when he heard the name Grace.
‘Is it the same Grace from my department?’
‘Yes… I tried and tried till I began to lose hope. So, I was surprised when I got an invite from her to a friend’s party. I was so elated. I went there and entered the empty room’.
‘ So Grace is a cultist?’
‘ I don’t know’
‘ What do you mean, you don’t know? Was she not the one that sent you message’.
‘I’m not sure’.
‘She must be a cultist. That Grace ah!’
‘ What’s between you and Grace? Why are you all worked out because of her’.
‘ Nothing o’.Bidemi became scared.
‘Do you know any other way out except from the one that leads from the toilet of the library?’
‘Is there a way in the library?’ the guy said, excited,’ we only know a way through the left wing however, it is always on lock and key’.
Bidemi tried to remember if he saw any keyhole.
‘But I didn’t see any key and lock there…’.
‘Well, it is at the top left corner of the wall’.
The wall was 6ft tall and one could truly easily open and lock it from there.
‘So, when are they taking you away from this place?’ he said, moving backward to rest his back on the wall.
‘How many of you are here?’
‘About 15 of us’, he said, ‘ oh! We are now 16… They brought a girl here yesterday’.
‘Are you mad?’ A voice shouted from outside the door, making Bidemi stand erect.
The door opened.


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