Her Dangerous Wish- 1

​Her Dangerous Wish
Let me write 5 episode for you…..

This was written by Mobolaji’s request- dedicated to her.
Episode 1

By the time I finish this tale, I would have made up my mind on what to do. I would have known if I should go to the council of pastors first or if I should say it in front of the whole church to tell them the whole truth’.

Good! You’re suspecting me already. Ehn… Whatever might have happened you need to hear my part. I didn’t just start redirecting church’s money for my use. It started like Judas Iscariot- like a drop of water.

That blessed or unblessed day, I was in my office thinking of my wife. Her picture was staring at me and I was also doing the same. I stared at it again and frowned. No..Don’t get me wrong.  I didn’t fight her prior to this time. I only frowned because my wife had suddenly become twice her former size. Who does that? At first I accommodated this new look but when I talked about it, she nagged about it, asking me if I married her for her beauty or because God told me to. Then, I agreed with her that she was right- her slenderness wasn’t what I married. I didn’t fall for the elegance with which she carried herself. In those days, she was the vision of many brothers in church. Though she  had a good voice, she taught in the Sunday school department. Her voice, use of English, humility and knowledge were what attracted me to her then. However, after I had been able to convince myself that I was also attracted to her body, I changed my tactics and began to ask her to work out. I even began to do mine; in fact, many young ladies in the church had began to hint that I was really building up. But she refused to workout, claiming she couldn’t wake early to workout. And we’ve had several arguments about this but she refused to heed my advice.

I was still engrossed in my wife’s case, when my secretary contacted me through the intercom that I had a visitor. In case I’ve not told you, I was a full time pastor who devoted most of his time to counseling, settling disputesvand doing deliverance for people in Jesus name.

‘ Tell the person to come in’, I said, sat straight and adjusted my tie. It was wrong for the person seeking counsel to find a scowl on my face. It would make them close their emotions, analysing me. And they might even be forced to ask if I was fine.

Then, the door opened or should I say my woe entered. Her name is Margaret. I knew her name because many brothers had sought my counsel about her. They wanted me to pray along with them because, in their words, God had been telling them a lot about how he would use the union of the two of them to shake the world. Someone even said God wanted them to give birth to angels. I remembered her because even mì had compared her to my wife but had been wise enough not to mention her name to my wife.

As she came nearer, I couldn’t help but notice how her blue gown brought our her shape. I shook my head as my mind went there. And quoted the scriptures silently.

‘ Job 31.. I have made a covenant with my eyes why then should I think upon a maid’.

I rose as I welcomed her.’ Welcome sister Margaret’.

‘ Thank you pastor’, she said, flashing a dazzling sets of teeth.

‘ How are you?’

‘ Hmmm… Pastor… I’m not fine’.

Now, it was time for business. I pushed a bible towards me, though I wouldn’t really need it.’ What’s happening sister Margaret?’

‘ It’s a big problem. One I have tried to get over’.

‘ Don’t worry about it. It’s my job to make sure it doesn’t disturb you anymore. God is in control here’.

‘ Hmmm. Pastor…’ She said and went silent. I expected that we would first brush other matters before we even dealt with whatever she wanted us to discuss. But now that she had turned the table, I had to take control. Else, I wouldn’t be bold enough to tackle her matter or I may stutter.

‘ Say it… God is in charge’.

‘ Okay, Pastor, I used to tell myself I wanted that special person to deflower me’.

‘ That’s a very good decision. It shows you have loved righteousness and hated iniquity. God will surely bless you above you fellows’.

‘ Amen. But I’ve started having problem with a man of recent’.

‘ You’ve slept with him?’

‘ No… ‘

‘ So what do you mean?’

‘ You see, since I got to this church 6 months ago, I’ve been rejecting different proposal’.

I was perplexed. I had never thought she came to this church six months ago. She was so active. She loved God.

‘ I had refused them because of this man I am talking about. I know it’s a bad thing. He’s married.  He’s married’.

‘ Oh… Sister Margaret. God has his plans for everyman. Your husband would also find you”.

‘ Pastor, you don’t understand. I’ve never felt this unusual urge towards any man before. I want that man to deflowered before’.

‘ Sister Margaret, the Bible called that inordinate affection’.

‘ I don’t even mind if its lust’.

‘Ahhh… Sister  Margaret. That’s not right. And who is this brother in question? I’m sure I’ll know him. I hope it’s not Bro. Segun. I’ve been suspecting that he leads a lot of ladies on’, I said rapidly as I felt a need to cast out the demons in that brother. He had been having issues with the church ladies- many of them had complained about him seducing them. I thought it was   high time I did deliverance for him.

‘ Pastor, it’s you’.
To be continued.


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