Her Beauty Calls – 16

​Bidemi rubbed his eyes as he tried to connect what he saw with reality, to check if he wasn’t dream. The ground was sloppy from where he stood and only leveled up about ten feet away. Some big pipes were on the roof of the underground and they entered the library, making him wonder what the pipes supplied to the library.

The place looked drab. There was no outrageous design to suggest it was a place with sophisticated equipment. Also, there wasn’t any diabolical items that would rattle him. All he saw were different rooms which had their door closed. Lights from dusty globes brightened the place and helped him walk the place. It was dusty, and there were cobwebs every where. At different times he had to fight the sticky, tiny webs off his face.

He looked at the phone he found and switched it off.

He explored the underground since that was the only thing he could do at that moment. He moved gently, making sure he didn’t make any noise. As he pushed a door, he waited outside to be at a vantage point, if there were someone or something bad within the room. He moved gently into the room, tightening his fist, and making sure he was alert to fight off any form of attack.

  The room was dirty and stuffy but he wasn’t concerned. He covered his nose as his leg unsettled the dust in the room, making him rush out quickly. There was nothing in the room. He tried other rooms and found nothing. So, he decided to move onward and kept doing so until he got to a T-junction.

Upon his insistent trial, he discovered that all of the rooms on the left were locked. The lock that was used for these rooms were strangely different from others and wouldn’t be easily opened by any lock-picker.

He moved on until he got to a wall indicating there was nothing more to explore on that side.

He decided to return, but before returning, he, out of curiosity, put his ears to the door of onr of the rooms to see if he would hear anything.

Surprisingly, he heard something rumble but couldn’t understand what was making the rumble. Even if he wanted to find out what was making the noise there was no way he could and his priority at that time was to find the girl.

He decided to go to the right. He saw nothing fascinating in the rooms until he got to the last room.

The moment he got to the door of the room, he sensed something unusual would be in that room. He was scared. He pushed the door gently as he moved back a little, getting ready to run if anything came out. He paused as the door stoppe and made a creaking sound.

He glanced at the other wing of the underground to be sure he was the only one there. He looked back at the room. The room was filled with ‘Ghana-Must-Go’ bags.

Bidemi tiptoed into the room. The bags were placed on a wide plywood. He looked about in the room, and saw nothing. He fearfully closed the door to see what might have stopped it from moving; it was another bag. He opened the bag and did not know when he opened his mouth.

The bag was filled with minted 1000 Naira notes. He checked the other bags. His Adam apple moved up and down . He stacked some in his pocket and wished he could more, but his priority was finding the lady and he needed a bigger container. He would find the lady and return for the money.

When he returned to the T-junction and, went to the last part, he opened the first room and was surprised to see a guy that had gone missing for some days in the school. He was tied to a iron armless chair. Though, the guy was an unserious student, people still wondered what happened to him.

Since, no one could even talk to his friends, no one had accurate information of what had happened to him- some said he had been rusticated; some said he was suspended; some said he was sick; some said he had left the school; however, no one thought  of him being kidnapped. 

  The guy was asleep. Bidemi stared at him and wandered if he should wake him, but he shook his head and  turned to leave the room.

The guy coughed, making Bidemi turn to look at him.

‘ Don’t wake … Don’t wake  in Jesus name’, Bidemi prayed silently; however, it seemed God had another plan.

The guy looked up, narrowed his eyes and his expression as if he had just seen a ghost. He shook his head severally and whispered something like a chant.

Bidemi tried to listen to what he was saying; in so doing, he shifted a bit to the front.

‘ It can’t be…It  can’t be’, the guy kept on whispering. The light from the globe shined on his marked face. Bidemi wondered how it could have gotten there.

The guy stopped whispering, sulked  air and released it.

‘So, you are one of them abi?’


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