Her Beauty Calls- 15

​At 10:50, the cold air rushing in through the net of the faculty made Bidemi shake, and hold himself for warmth, but he dared not leave where he was staying since he was not sure if he was alone.

He was about standing when someone flashed a torchlight to a part ahead of him. He stood hurriedly, flattened himself against the wall, and held his breathe. The person hastily flashed the torchlight to his direction. The only way he could put a stumbling block that would surely make him get caught and stop him from fulfilling his wish was for him to do another stupid thing. The torch lingered. He held his peace and silently prayed.

The owner of the torchlight switched it off and went away.

He heaved a sigh of relief.

By 12Pm, his eyes were heavy but he was sure he would be the only one around there.

He put on the torchlight of his phone, and, silently, went off for his mission,  not minding that there was no one in the library. Upon getting to the toilet, he searched for lines, cracks or any such thing in the wall but he found none.

He went near the wall from where the phone had vibrating in the evening and traced the edge of the wall for any form of cracks.

He stood straight and analyzed it, looking at the possible places that a door might be but found none.

Suddenly, someone flashed a torchlight from outside the window of the toilet.

Bidemi bent, ran to hide under the window of the toilet, put off the torchlight of his phone, and covered his mouth because he was breathing loudly.

‘Who is there?’ A man’s voice said faintly; the glass of the window had muffled his voice. The torchlight went from one side of the toilet to the other-staying for a few seconds at each cubicle.

The torchlight went off. Bidemi waited for sometimes then he ran  back to the wall. This time, he didn’t put on the torchlight of his phone; rather, he used the dim light coming from the screen of his phone.

His hand touched a small hole. That gave him hope. He dipped his index finger into it, shifted it to the left nothing happened; he shifted it to the right, nothing happened. Though he wanted to lose hope, he had no other option. That was the only hole he had seen in a long time. He shifted it upward, nothing happened.

‘This is the last straw’, he whispered. Maybe the girl had met a witch, who carried her away. He shifted it downward; it bulged.

 Then two things sounded simultaneously. One came from within the library- outside the toilet. The other came from the wall. A  small stony handle popped out of the wall. He pulled it, the wall shifted. The stairs that led to the toilet creaked. Bidemi froze.

He sneaked out to see what was happening. He was surprised to see a torchlight coming down the stairs indicating someone was coming. He ran back and pulled the wall, but it didn’t move. He pulled it down and it slid down. The noiselessness of the wall amazed him, but he had no time to  brood over this. He hurriedly enter the hole opened for him. The light from the torch began to flood the toilet. He looked around for the handle of the wall. The light navigated towards his direction. He couldn’t see the handle from the dim light that came from the hole he entered. The light was getting nearer. His heart pounded like the feet of a man being chased by a Lion. He found the handle. ‘Thank  you Jesus’, he muttered and pulled the door.

‘What!’ A man said as he entered the toilet and saw Bidemi entering the wall. The man threw himself at the wall and held it. He had no other option than to stop and spit into the air, hoping it would enter the man’s eyes.

‘Yeh! My eye ooo’, the man cried, removing his hands from the wall. Bidemi lifted the door with all of his strength, holding his teeth together and refusing to leave the door till it clicked. The light of the hole brightened. He closed his eyes and swallowed cool stuffy air and released it rapidly, panting. The man at the other end repeatedly hit the wall, he was sure that the man was using his fist to hit it because the thud he heard couldn’t have been produced by an open palm. He turned back and his leg hit something. He looked down and saw the thing that had been vibrating, it was a phone. He picked it and browsed through it. 80 Missed calls. He looked up and was surprise at what he saw. What’s this?


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