Her Beauty Calls- 14

​Yemi dropped his hand, and tried to use a soothing voice. His eyes dashed to the wall clock 8:10.

 He needed to move on, to catch up  with the next event of the investigations. There were men outside the house who were watching over his wife unknown to her.

‘Darling, I need to go…’

 ‘You are not going anywhere. You heard when the person that called said that was the tip of the iceberg, that the real one will come if you did not stop this investigation’.

  That was the problem, he himself didn’t know which one it was. Would he now jeopardize other works because of the unknown one, this evil unknown one.

 ‘I have to go out there to know which one is the problem.’

‘You are no longer working as a police’, Rose cried, sniffing.

‘There are many bad people in the world, and I…’

‘ Are you the only person in the world?’ Rose said, heightening the pitch of her voice, tears trickling down her round, cheeky and fair face, ‘ Yemi, are you the only person in the world?’


‘There are other people there that can do it…Leave it for them…The world will take care of itself. Stop trying to help it’.

‘People are dying out there, and I need to intervene…’

‘Shut up! Must it be you; are you the only person on earth?’ Rose moved near him, and looking at him from from the top his head, as he was shorter, two feet shorter.

‘Are you the only one? There are other jobs… ‘, Rose shouted hysterically, her hand flying to his shirt and locking it.

‘You are not going anywhere…’

 Yemi was short of word, he swallowed hard and allowed Rose drag him away from the door through the parlour to the bedroom, and to the bed. Yemi didn’t know what he would do, whenever Rose became defiant and wanted to do something, she put her mind to it, not shaking in her belief, not wavering- one of her bad characteristics; she was always as firm as an oak tree and as hard as a rock nothing could make bend in her decision. So, Yemi couldn’t resist her. 

‘ It’s okay to be afraid’, Yemi said

‘ I’m not afraid…’

‘ Cool ’

‘Don’t tell me to cool . Am I hot?’

‘ Don’t shout…’

‘ Are you calling me mad?’

‘ Ah-ahn…You are misquoting me…’

‘ So, you are saying I’m deaf. That I can’t hear  well anymore?’

‘ I did not…’

 Then, his phone vibrated.

‘Hello’, Yemi mouthed into the phone.

‘He is on the move…’

 Rose snatched the phone from him, and screamed into the phone.

‘He is no longer working with you…’

‘Rose, calm ….’

‘Go and look for another police’, she shrieked.

 ‘You people want to turn me to an early widow, God forbid’.

 Yemi knew who was on the move and that person was part of an investigation that needed immediate attention.

 How would he run away from Rose?


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