Her Beauty Calls- 13



 Goodbye world.

 Yemi tore his gaze from that of his adorable wife, closed it in expectation of the worse, and clenched his teeth.

Nothing happened.

‘Nothing happened’, Yemi and Rose exclaimed at the same time.

 Yemi’s phone rang; he brought it out. Unknown number. His instinct made him pick the call, and place it on speaker. 

 As the lanky man walked toward them, his eyes darting from Rose to the bomb and back to Rose again.

‘Hello… That was  a show-off, we are trying to show you what will happen to you, your wife and people around if you don’t stop your investigation’.

 ‘What are you saying?’

 The caller disconnected the call.

 ‘It was a hoax’, the lanky man lamented said, hitting his head,’ I should have known’.

 Yemi ran to untie the rope used to tie his wife.

 Rose ran to him immediately and covered his mouth with kisses.

 ‘ I love you’, she declared amidst the kiss,’ I love you…Only you’.

 Normally, Yemi would have been embarrassed but he wanted to relish the moment.

 What would have happened if he had run away from his wife? Would she still love him?

 Abefeles provided a car that would take them home, and when they got home, Yemi took good care of her, cuddling Rose till she slept off. Yemi carried her into the bedroom and dropped her gently, took his bath and decided to run back to school to follow the progress of his investigations.

 Which one was that man talking about? 

 The kidnapping of people?

The mysterious white man that Angela, his friend working for CIA, wants him to follow?

The Deputy Governor whom he was getting more information about?

 Yemi went to the door, and pulled it, but the door didn’t bulge.

Yemi pulled it harder but the door would not bulge.

  He looked around for his keys, but he couldn’t find it. There was no other option than to use the spare key, so he went for that but it wasn’t there also. He smirked and headed for the back door, which wasn’t always fully locked for emergency purpose.

‘You are going nowhere?’

 Yemi turned to face his wife, whose arm was folded across her chest as she rested against the wall.

 What is the meaning of this?


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