Her Beauty Calls- 12


‘Oh! My God. His number is not going through’, Yemi whispered, and turned to Rose, his eyes- widened, and his face-red.

 Rose opened her mouth and swallowed air twice, and then wailed.

 Yemi move towards the bomb again, smirked, and swallowed hard as he looked at the bomb as if it was an unsolvable puzzle. The darkness of the day  to creep in with little patches of black cloud here and there in the sky.

‘Let me release from the tree’, he managed to say.

‘ They said if anybody tries to release me the bomb will automatically explode’.

 His brain suddenly became void of ideas, what will he do?

 Yemi was perspiring, and his breathe was coming out hard and loud. Sweats had cover all his body, and his hand was shaking.

 Two minutes to go.

 Yemi was torn between staying with the love of his life, Rose, and saving his life.

 Tears dropped from his eyes freely as he let go of ething and ed if that was the end of  his life, he was not ready to die, especially now that he had sent someone to the Lion’s den.

 The timer kept reading.

‘ Leave her’, someone was shouting from afar, Yemi’s mouth was widely apart as he looked at the person as if the person was Satan himself.

 He tried the bomb diffuser’s number again, but the number was not connecting.

 Then, a biker rushed towards them, Yemi turned to see who it was.

 A lanky man jumped from the bike and rushed towards them.

‘ Run away…Bomb’, the lanky man shouted at the biker, who complied immediately.

 One minutes twenty three seconds.

 ‘The screw driver’, the lanky man shouted as he got to Rose’s side.

 The lanky man  checked some wires, straightened many of them, removed a plier from his tools bag, cut a wire and,

‘What!’ the lanky man exclaimed.


‘Run…’ The lanky man shouted as he rose from his squatting position, trying to drag Yemi with him; however, Yemi stood his ground. He looked at the timer as it kept rushing and kept on counting from




 Yemi’s eyes were now watery, and he held his breathe, ready to die with his wife. Therefore, he stared into her eyes as the time kept on reading the time.



 ‘I love you’, Yemi said solemnly to Rose who kept on crying profusely. 

‘Leave there’ shouted the bomb specialist.


Who could have done this?


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