Her Beauty Calls- 11

Yemi ran out of the school building, almost ran into a coming car. And crossed the road to the other side of the road, to the shopping complex, to one of the people selling electrical material.

‘Multipurpose screw driver’, Yemi shouted the moment he sighted the multipurpose screwdriver.

 The seller went to bring it.

‘Abeg hurry’, Yemi shouted.

 The moment the seller gave him the screwdriver, he bolted towards the school arena.

‘ Police need it’, he shouted as he ran.

‘ Thief’, the man shouted and raced after Yemi as though fire was on his tail.

‘Thief’, the man shouted, following and calling people’s attention to Yemi.

 ‘Catch am na thief….’

‘Thief’, some market women joined him in shouting.

 Yemi ran as fast as he could, but when he saw people coming near him.

‘Bomb’, he screamed with all his might, making the nearest people stand still and move backward.

  Six minutes to go.

 Yemi crossed the road, and ran towards his wife.

 ‘Where?’ He shouted as he entered the compound, pausing a little as he ask the Abefeles.

‘There…’ They simultaneously pointed to a big tree, which was near the car park and the major road that led into the school.

 Yemi ran to meet his Rose.

 Rose was sweating profusely, and her cloth was wet from perspiration. Her hair ruffled, she was tied to a big grey tree and was crying.

 Yemi’s heart was pounded and his hand shook.

‘Baby, save me’, Rose cried.

‘It will be alright… Stay calm’.

‘I’m afraid…’

‘I will be here with you… Hold still’, Yemi said as he went to the black casing of the bomb and tried opening it.

 The interior part of the box was all wired and rough that Yemi feared that touching any of it might cause the bomb to explode.

  Rose quivered, her lips vibrated and that made him lose the ability to think right thing.

 Yemi decided to call the bomb speciality.

 ‘Sorry, the person you are calling is not available at the moment please try again later’.

 Yemi felt like melting into the ground. He checked his wristwatch.

 Three minutes and twenty-four minutes remaining.

 He dialed the number again, but it wasn’t reachable.

 Will he watch his wife die-rather, will he die with his wife?


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