Her Beauty Calls- 9

​‘You must be crazy’, Charles shouted.

‘Shhh’, Bidemi said fearfully.

‘You can’t go in there, alone’.

‘How will I go there then?’

‘At least, get the back of the security guards’.

‘That is if they didn’t put me in a guardroom before I say anything. Remember they are still looking for me’, he said as he brought down his head and placed his hands on it- behind the back of his head.

‘Are you sure the other lady is dead?’

‘I don’t know ooo’, he lamented, ‘I don’t know’. Bidemi rose from his seat, pulled off his clothes, and changed into a black polo and black jean trousers, and then took a cap and wore it. Then, he took his phone.

‘No matter what happens, don’t come after me’.

Charles nodded.

‘ I have finally toasted the bomb’, Charles said as Bidemi got to the door.

Bidemi turned and smirked as he left the room for the Library, wondering if Charles will ever be wise. When he passed the two Abefele guards sitting near the library, he knew he might pass everyone, undetected.

  His bag was still in the bags room. He would have loved to go in there to pick the lady’s bag to check her details but he didn’t know her bag.

As he entered the library, he greeted the porter, gently, gritting his teeth.

‘ I hope you are not the one?’, the porter said, making Bidemi wonder if he wouldn’t have to run again, because he was still weak from the race he ran earlier to escape the guards.

‘The one…as in?’ He said.

The man laughed out loudly, and this heightened Bidemi’s fear. He held his breathe and fixed his gaze on the man who seems to enjoy himself. He had watched in many movies that some people catch others jokingly, so he was at alert, his eyes darting to the door to be sure he had a free passage. The door that led into the faculty of arts was the only door opened and that can be opened at that time; the other one was always closed by 6Pm. So he shifted his gaze to the only door.

‘I was just joking’, the man said. Bidemi released the breathe he was holding. Although, he was afraid, he stood still to listen to the man’s story since he looked like one that loved to talk.

‘I am just resuming my duty, I heard a guy was chased from the female toilet and that he injured a girl’.

At the mention of the girl, Bidemi’s heart throbbed.

‘What of the girl? What happened to her?’

‘Oh! I heard she had been taken to Jaja hospital and I heard she was still alive. Lucky girl’.

‘What of the guy now?’ Bidemi said.

‘We have not seen him, and I’m not sure we will see him so far they did not see him this afternoon. Who knows, he might enter here like any other student’.

Bidemi nodded, and was happy about the news of the girl as he left the man’s side.

‘Thank you Jesus’. He went to one of the free access rooms, looked for a good corner, and rested his head. He must have slept for an hour when his bladder couldn’t hold the urine that was disturbing him. He shook his legs, but the pain was too much that he had no option than to go the toilet. He sighed as he got to the door of the male toilet. Then, he heard a  loud, husky voice

‘I knew you would come back’.

How did this person recognize him?


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