Her Beauty Calls- 8

​Bidemi was afraid, swallowing excessively.

‘Who…Who is there?’ He said fearfully because he knew if it was the Abefele guards he was in a big problem.

‘I want to lock the toilet’, a woman’s voice announced. Bidemi sighed loudly, opened the door and left.

When he got out, he decided not to pass the front of the library. There were more than four ways one could pass from the faculty of education to his hall, Zik hall, but he wanted to pass the fastest one, so he went around the sport complex to his hall. Though, he knew the guards might have began watching all the hall’s gates, he knew he still had high chances of entering his hall because there were two other entrances into his hall- one was a small gate by the river that passed through the back of their hall, while the other one was an opening that led from the Independence hall to his hall (one can decide to enter the independence hall through the road opposite Queen Idia hall).

Bidemi entered his room to meet his confidant and roommate, Charles, whom he explained everything to.

‘So, what will you do now’, Charles said as he used his right hand to push aside the food he was eating before Bidemi entered the room. 

‘I am going back in there’.

Why shouldn’t he go back? 


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