Her Beauty Calls-8

​Bidemi fearfully turned to face a lady. He was short of words.

‘I didn’t kill her, she fainted’, he explained with a shaky voice. His body was trembling that he had to use his left hand to hold his body so that it would stay still, and was frustrated that there was nothing he could use to hold his breathe which was coming out jagged and ragged, hurriedly and loudly.

‘ You are a liar… Help’, the lady shouted.

He rushed to her, and covered her mouth. She bit him and slapped him hurriedly.

‘Ahhh!’ He exclaimed, shifting back. The pain of her bite ran through his body.

‘Help’, she screamed like someone bitten by a wild animal, her voice echoing in the whole toilet and environs, and the pitch of her voice suggested she was a student of the department of Theatre arts where they have been trained to use their diaphragm and vocal cord well, where they have been trained that the noise comes from the stomach and the shriek from the neck .

Bidemi had no other option than to run. He pushed past her and ran for the stairs. She fell as she tried holding him, she rose again and ran after him.

‘Help’, she shouted as she tried to follow him, running swiftly.

He ran for his dear life. She ran after him still.

‘Help’, she kept shouting.

A guard was coming hastily to help her. Bidemi pushed past him and bolted out of the Library.

‘That guy was… has killed someone in the toilet’, she shouted. On hearing that, another Abefele guard coming towards him tried to stop him but he bent and escaped from  his grasp.

He ran out, taking the exit that led to the football field, which was free of people that would try to catch him.

‘Jose…Stop him… Da bobo yen duro da duo’, the guards shouted. Luckily for him, he knew these guard were everywhere, and that they didn’t own a gun: a good advantage for him. He ran towards the faculty of education, which was not far from the Library. Two of the guards ran after him as if he was a member of the Boko Haram sect, their heavy boot hitting the floor hard and the scratches from the sound of their boots on the dry sands came on loudly and helped Bidemi know what he was in for, helped him to run faster with all his might. He ran into the faculty of Education, looked about, and then ran into one of the toilets. He locked the door, and covered his nose and mouth with his hands, which were trembling terribly, even his body did not stop shaking, he moved back to the Water Closet. His muscles were tensed, his heart was pounding hard against his chest and his breathe was coming aloud despite the fact that he had covered his nostril. He had to hold his breath for sometimes and released them gently to prevent giving himself away.

After about twenty minutes, he wasn’t sure if they were still searching for him and he decided to open the door.

‘Did you find him?’ He heard a man say. This made him stopped his breathe and pause in the toilet so that his hard breathes wouldn’t give him away.


‘Did you seck all the class?’ The man said.

‘No. Let’s contact the others, can you  describe him?’


‘Ehn! Let us contact the others to watch out for a running boy on a blue polo and blue jeans’.

Then, they left. He wanted to leave the toilet, but he knew he would be risking his life if he did so.

He suddenly remembered the girl he went to look for as he sat and dropped his head on his palm.

‘What have I done to myself?’ He agonized silently. He wondered why he dipped himself in this massive trouble over a girl that he didn’t even know her name, a girl who might later of his plight and laugh at his foolishness.

Despite this problem, he still felt the need to find the girl. He wasn’t sure she was safe, that she wasn’t been kidnapped or something. Or maybe she is a witch.

‘I said she is not a witch’, he whispered angrily.

He repeatedly rubbed his face as the cold air of the early december harmattan found their way into the toilet. He tapped a fist against his lip lightly while he wondered how he would help her. He definitely heard the vibrating phone, and was sure she would be in that Library. What had happened to the girl he fell for, was she dead? He wondered if he had become a killer at his age.

Bidemi decided to stay in the toilet until the time they will close the door: 7pm.

He remained seated, silently singing a song from a Yoruba Nollywood movie

‘ Mo ti ro go, mo ti wo gau, mo ti gbe Teemi ti ba mi, mo ti ro go’( I’m doomed- in different ways of saying it in Yoruba language), until he slept off

Then someone knocked the door of the toilet. 

Who was knocking?


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