Her Beauty Calls- 7

​Lighting and thunder sparked within Yemi’s brain, his eyes were no longer stable in their sockets; they moved about looking at nothing in particular. He held the phone tightly, press the power button, the light of the phone came on, gave him false hope, the red liquid in the battery icon danced a bit, and then the phone went off again.

‘Ehy’, he and the biker shouted at the same time. He, for his phone; the biker, for breaking the side mirror of a hummer jeep, the side mirror dangled from the car as though it was holding the only rope that would save it from dying.

 Yemi didn’t notice that they had entered a traffic jam at a junction. It happened that while the biker was trying to maneuver his way in the traffic jam, he lost control of the bike and ran into the side mirror of the hummer jeep. 

Seeing this and knowing the effect, the bike man turned back and ran with his bike.

‘Are you out of your sense…?’ Yemi shouted.

 The driver of the hummer had stopped driving and had come out of the car, his face made Yemi agree that the bike man ought to be afraid of what was coming his way because he looked like someone who hated dents on his car.

 Yemi checked his wristwatch and saw that it remained twenty-nine minutes befor the bomb on his wife exploded.

 ‘What… What are you doing’, he screamed at the biker.

‘I dey go pass that side’.

‘What of the car you broke its mirror? Won’t you do anything about it?’

 ‘I no get money por hummer ooo’.

  ‘Okay… Go… Go…’

 The biker rode through an untarred road, and kept looking back, making the bike swerve, making Yemi yell at him to concentrate. Yemi understood why the man was running away from the owner of the hummer. The last time he also broke the side mirror of someone’s car, he knew the amount he spent to get a new one and to fix it.

  Yemi pressed his the power button of his phone again with the hope that it would have cooled a little, it came on again, warming his heart a little. Then, it showed an empty battery icon and went off. Yemi hissed and wished he had done like one of those boys in the class with whom he had become acquainted. The guy, Matthew, a.k.a Pastor, had three different batteries. At least if he had such number of batteries, he would have switched on his phone now, would know where what the fate of his wife was, and would know his own next line of action.

‘Aboki… Run now’, he urged the bike man as he checked the time and saw that it was twenty-four minutes before his wife explode. He hoped nothing happen to her, and peradventure it happened, she should know that he wasn’t a cheat before her death, that he still loved her, that would be around her at the time of her death, that he preferred dying with than living without her, that…

 Suddenly, the bike rider screeched to a halt, making Yemi crash into him, and the bike became unstable. The bikeman stabled the bike for some seconds, decided against such act, jumped down from his bike and ran away.

 Yemi looked up from where he was lying, grateful to discover he wasn’t injured. Standing up ahead, on the road that led to the tarred road was the owner of the hummer jeep and some bike riders.

 They came towards Yemi- some running



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