Her Beauty Calls- 6

Bidemi wondered what would happen if he went inside. Every fibre in him felt like running away before anyone came around, like forgetting the beauty of this lady and returning to day to day life. He kept staring at the door, hoping nobody would see him, that the lady would come out, hoping he was doing the right thing.
He mustered courage and tiptoed into the toilet. The way the room was quiet reminded him of his days in secondary school, when he was forced to search for something in a cemetery, the way the cemetery was eerily silent, that birds squeaked, unnerving every neuron in him. His heart felt like bursting. It pumped hard against his chest.
So, he peeped.
Then, he withdrew his head.
He peeped again.
He withdrew his head again.
As though his heart was a type of the speakers used in club houses, it beat hard and sent blood into his body. He did the sign of the cross, sucked in air, and breathed out hard. He looked behind him to be sure no one was coming. If human ears had antenna he would have release it till it gets to the point it couldn’t go further. His sense of hearing was heightened for any moan, for any dragging of feet from the toilet, any movement at all but the only sound he heard was a repeated drop of water into a bigger drum of water, making his heartbeat accelerate.
Forgoing his fear, Bidemi entered the toilet, went to the cubicles and opened all the doors gently, hoping he wouldn’t open the door on any lady. No lady was in any of the cubicles. The lady wasn’t there.
He didn’t even know her name, so he couldn’t call her. He looked at the roof and even to the water drum, who knows she might be hiding there.
Was she a witch?
She must definitely be a witch, if not she couldn’t have been so beautiful.
He shook his head as though doing so would pour out all the bad, demeaning thoughts out of his mind. She must have gone to the male toilet, maybe to meet a guy. It was easy or of less consequences if a lady was found in a male’s toilet, especially when a guy comes out after her. God forbid, she might be promiscuous and had fixed a meeting with a guy in the male’s toilet. He held his breathe as he moved nearer to the male’s toilet. Someone was moaning from the toilet. Indeed! He was right.
Though he couldn’t think straight, his legs did the walking for him. However, he saw only a pair of legs in the cubicle. He was wrong after all. The guy in the cubicle was exerting his power into emptying his bowel, groaning and moaning. Bidemi released his breathe and sighed. The burden left him, relieving him like pregnancy does women.
The only option left was to check the lady’s toilet because there wasn’t any other way that led from the toilet. So, he returned to the female toilet and searched for any overlooked hole or anything. The assurance lingered in the corner of his heart that he would find her somewhere. People don’t disappear unless, it was rapture. He held his breathe. Rapture! God! What if it was rapture? He looked around. If it was rapture, then her cloth was sure to be somewhere. It wasn’t rapture.
There wasn’t any other option than to leave the toilet. He would tell the security guards that his friend had been in the toilet for close to an hour.

As he ran out, he mistakenly kicked a paper- a well-known paper. He had seen the paper before.
‘ Where? Where? Where?’ He said as he tried to remember where he last saw the paper.
He picked the squeezed paper and straightening it with trepidation.
‘Meet Me In The Toilet of BBL By 5.00pm’.
‘Oh’, Bidemi exclaimed. He remembered that he entered the Library some minutes before 5.00pm and she came after him and headed for the toilet immediately, so the message was for her.
He ran back into the toilet to see if there was any evidence, or any other thing that could give him a clue of what they were to but he didn’t get anything. And in this frustration he stormed out. But had to stop when a sound caught his attention. He straightened. Something was vibrating.
His phone wasn’t ringing. He searched the cubicles again, making sure not to miss what he was looking for but he saw nothing.
After a long search, he traced the sound to the wall. The sound came from the other side of the wall. It must be in a room outside that place. He ran to the other side of the toilet but it was blocked. Nothing was there.
He returned to the toilet, placed his ear to the wall and traced the vibration till he was kneeling, not minding the murky water on the floor.
‘What are you doing here?’ Someone asked.
He jumped. His heartbeat increased when he turned to face a short robust lady. Her look spoke dread. He gurgled.
‘I’m sorry…sorry… One of my friends came here an hour ago, and I’ve not seen her since’, he said
‘You are a liar’, the lady said, ‘I will call ‘Abefele for you’.
She turned to leave, avoiding the wet ground and headed for the stairs.
Blood increased its race through his body, his breathe became faster and his gentle composure shattered.
He pulled her cloth.
‘Please, come back’.
However, he pulled her so hard that the pulling force was also as great as the force she was using to leave the toilet. One of them had to fall, and she was the one that fell.
She landed on the floor. Her unbraided hair sank into the water, opening her bare head to hit the floor. She screamed and became silent immediately.
‘What?’ He exclaimed as he bent over her. Her eyes were closed. She wasn’t breathing.
‘What have I done?’ he said silently. His breathing was shaky, slow, and prolonged.
‘Ahhhhhh! You’ve killed her’, another lady’s voice shouted above him.



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