Her Beauty Calls- 9


Yemi knew these men were desperate, they wouldn’t mind he wasn’t the offender, they would detain him, delay him, disgrace him and he himself must get to his wife. He hurriedly looked back to see if he could beat the distance between himself, these attackers, and the next bus stop.

 Seeing that he did not have any option,

‘Bomb’, Yemi shouted, running towards the men.

 Automatically, their expressions changed, they stopped and raced back.

‘Bomb ooo’, Yemi kept shouting as he charged past them, headed for the road, crossed it and didn’t stop until he was sure the men were not following again .

Twenty minutes to go.

 ‘Okada…’ Yemi shouted as he motioned to the rider of Bajaj motorcycle to stop.

 The bike rider stopped, and moved back towards Yemi.

 ‘University of Greencity’.

‘Hundred naira’, the biker rider.

‘Jo sare bi were’, Yemi shouted as he climbed the bike.

 The biker saw this as an opportunity; Yemi gave him the license he had been looking for: Yemi told him to run like a mad man.

 The bike rider raced as though not doing so would stop Yemi from paying him his fare. Yemi’s heartbeat surged as the man got near University of Greencity. All the nerves in his body were ready to throw him into the air, the moment the guy stops.

 ‘Enter…. Enter’, Yemi shouted as the biker rider wanted to stop because people were rushing out of the gate. 

There was an uproar and noise as people pushed themselves out of the way, trying to leave the University Premise. There was mayhem everywhere. People pushed one another and were not concerned about those who fell, whom they were stepping on.

‘ Police…Police’, Yemi shouted as one of the Abefeles wanted to send the bike rider back.

‘ Wey my money?’ The bike rider said as he stopped in front of an oncoming crowd, ‘ I no fit go again’. 

 Yemi jumped off the bike the moment the bike rider stopped, and headed for his wife, Rose, then he ran back. He would need many things.

‘ My money…’ The Bike rider shouted after him.

‘ Wait for me’.

 Fourteen minutes to go.

 ‘Who has Nokia battery?’ Yemi shouted as he got to the office of the Abefeles, bringing out his own phone, swiftly removing the battery.

 They looked at him with contempt.

‘ Police…’  He said.

 Someone gave him the battery of his phone. 

 Yemi dialled the DPO’s number.

‘Hello Oga… Please the person’s number…’

‘Good ! What happened?’

‘The number’.

 ‘I will send it now’.

 Yemi checked his wristwatch: 11 minutes and twenty-five seconds to go.

 The Sms entered. Yemi extracted the number and called the person.

‘Hello, I’m the officer on ground…’ Yemi shouted.

‘Good… Get screw drivers and open it…’

‘I’m coming, stay on the line’, he shouted into the phone, and faced the Abefeles.

‘Screw Driver’.

  They looked at one another then at him.

‘There is none’, a short one answered him. Yemi’s head became hot as his veins suddenly began to pump against his head.

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