Her Beauty Calls- 5

Yemi didn’t know how he got to the school’s gate, but when he did he hated his foolish decision. He should have brought his car, at least that would have helped him get to his house earlier. Who knew what has happened to his wife? Who were the people that took her away?
When Yemi entered his house at Awolowo road, he looked about him, and saw nothing to point out the direction of where they went. The centre table was overturned, the rug crumpled, his wife’s phone smashed.
‘Who did this?’ He muttered.
Then, his phone vibrated. He hissed.The DPO was calling. The man, for once, had never called in the right time. His calls came in when he needed his total concentration.
‘Hello, where are you?’
‘I’m at home’.
‘You need to go into University of Greencity now now…’
Yemi felt like crushing the phone. His grip tightened, as well as his chest. Pain, real pain scratched through his veins.
‘I don’t know what you are doing at the moment, but you must go there now’.
‘But sir….’
‘I said you should leave whatever you are doing’, his boss shouted. He heard him bang his table. Why was he the only one he do called? There were others there. They were good and could even pull stunts he couldn’t.
Yemi felt like crying, like obeying the DPO, like shouting at him. His unshed tears streamed to his brain and made it expand within his head.
‘Shut up! A woman is tied to the tree there, and she has a time bomb around her’.
He stood straight. That was indeed gruesome. But it wasn’t as worse as his wife’s. Nothing in this world could replace his wife. The two of them were cases of life threatened. His wife was the top on his list. No other food in the world could taste like Amala and Gbegiri to him. So can no other person take the place of his wife. She was his life. His life depended on her existence.
His phone gave a notification tone that he had received a message.
‘Let them call someone that will stop it, Yemi said hastily as he moved out of the house, putting the call on hands free, he checked the message.
‘You have forty minutes to save your wife from exploding in the university of Ajede’.
He gaped at the message.
‘Are you listening?’ The DPO said.
He ran out. His wife. Tied. His wife. Bomb. She was on the verge of dying. He turned severally. What should he hold? He ran into the house, and ran out again.
‘The man that can do it is stuck in a traffic jam at Challenge’.
‘Yeh… She has forty minutes to live’, Yemi shouted as he waved a bike .
‘University of Greencity’, he told the bike.
The bike rider was a Hausa man. He pronounced ‘f’ as ‘p’ ‘I no dey go for there’.
He shook his head.
‘Oya 500 naira’.
The biker’s eyes widen.
‘Oya pipe hundred naira’.
‘Hurry’, he said, checking his phone, he saw that the DPO was still on call with him, ‘ Hello sir… Are you there?’
‘Yes… Yes….’
‘Sir, Is there no replacement for this person?’
‘No… .’
Yemi almost jumped from the bike.
‘Yes ooo… You are the one that will do it. The other police are afraid of even going near’.
‘Where is she…?’
The battery of his phone went off. Death- If it would be better if it grabbed him before it did her. ‘Go… Go.’ He shouted and tapped the bike man.
How will he live without her?



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