Writing Series Available


Every story is about a character that is either being victimized or one that is a villain. It is about an event. It is about how the writer presents these characters to us. It is about the place. 

  There are many undiscovered way of building a beautiful story. A most-touching way to tell the most gruesome events.   Some people prefer to write stories without knowing the basics. That’s good for them. But that’s not good for you because only mediocre do that. I can’t dispute the fact some people wrote novels that don’t have some essential; yet, they touched some basics that gave their story life and energized the readers’ imagination. 

This series of post will expand your horizon. In fact, when you use it with my Character chart, you are undoubtedly going to build a character and plots that will surprise people.  

As whitemosquito of Nairaland once said, ‘ No story is new, all that matters is how you tell it. In this book you will learn the six basic plots. And the … oh! I almost spilled the beans there. I think you really need to see the content of the next series of posts. 

I think I am saying a lot and you need to see for yourself the great treasure available for you to loot. 

Welcome aboard. 



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