Her Beauty Calls- 3

​Yemi Akinlolu decided to stay back after the Brain left him for the faculty of Arts. She had gotten a chance to join a cult group, which they suspected was the cause of missing guys on campus. If he had a lady as beautiful as she, he wouldn’t have much trouble. She was considerate. She was beautiful. She was pretty. She was calculative. She was-

 His phone vibrated. He had never stopped putting his phone on vibration ever since the day some armed men came to rob their house while he was hiding in the roof. That day, his phone vibrated to his body. He didn’t remember changing the ringing profile to vibration but he appreciated how things worked.

It was his wife, Rose, calling.

 ‘Hello honey’, he said ‘Don’t honey me… Don’t  honey me…’


‘You want to start what every man do after they get married abi?’

‘What are you talking about?’

‘The information has gotten to me already’,

‘What informa—‘

‘Do you think I won’t know abi?’

‘Know what?’

‘Stop pretending, that’s how all of you pretending’.

‘Wait…’ He shouted, and looked about. ‘ What are you talking about?’

 ‘Do I need to tell you…?’

 ‘What’s wrong with you?’ 

‘Well… I have been informed that you have started seeing different ladies and that you just finished talking to one’, she shouted over the phone.


‘Don’t but me jare… Is it true or not’.

‘ Who told you such lie?’ He said as the magma of his anger  to hit the wall of his skin.

‘ Is it not true?’

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 He curved his lips in anger, angry at his wife for not using her ever-wise brain to imagine that he was in school and at work, that he would surely see ladies; angry at whosoever informed his wife of his meeting with ‘ Brain’; angry that she would not allow him explain that he just finished talking to the ‘ Brain’, who would help them infiltrate the cult in the University.

‘Yes… Who is there? Come in’, his wife said, making him sense that she was talking to someone outside their house.

  Yemi was furious, and looked about in Gboyega Owolabi garden. If God could give him the chance to catch his wife’s informant, such person would know the reasons hair don’t grow on tongues. He looked about. No one. He didn’t see anyone to pin the allegation on. No one cared about the short fair bald man- him- that sat there.

 ‘Yeh…’ Rose shouted, ‘ leave me alone… Help… Help’

 Yemi rose from his seat, his head protruded in desperation that he was not there to help his wife, that she was alone , fighting for her life.

His intuition told him not to talk. He stared blankly into the space. Who knows, he might luckily get a hint of whatever was happening.

 Her cry drifted from the phone. He swallowed hard, with hope something meaningful would be said.

‘Three men are taking me away ooo… Help ooo’, she screamed again and her voice faded off.

 He didn’t want to be a center of attention, so he left the Garden. Who dared kidnap his wife? 

Vote for my story in the Etisalat Flash Fiction



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