3 Top reasons people write Fiction


Escape: Many people use fiction writing to escape from their day-to-day events. They use it to run away from the trouble of the world. 


Entertainment: We write fiction to entertain people. That’s the reason you read a story and wonder why the author wrote the story because all you gained from the story is pure entertainment.  

Joanna Penn said, ‘When you read my words, we connect across time, and space- it’s a miracle, stories are a miracle. That’s why I write fiction’ 


We write fiction to Educate… This is also a purpose that should be at the back of the mind of writers. You cannot just pick a pen to write without teaching something. 

No matter how minute the information is, something should is passed.  

When you begin to write, have it at the back of your mind that you are entertaining and Educating, which implies that you can’t focus your writing on one part of the two. Don’t educate for too long and don’t entertain for too long. Yet, the entertainment should be given prominence because you will have to pass your message by showing and not by telling 



Why do you write? 





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