Her Beauty Calls- 2

Bidemi turned to face Grace. 

She was seductively dressed as usual. Her ears were adorned with big earrings- the types his friend, Chukwudi, would call the tire of a tractor, so big.
Grace rushed to him, hugged him. He allowed her. The fear of the rumour he heard flashed in his mind. It was said that every man who insisted on making her his girlfriend suddenly disappeared. Bidemi didn’t believe the rumour but he knew he had to be careful especially now that the advances came from her.

‘Grace!’ He said, after she had released him, ‘How far?’

‘I’m good’, she said. ’Where were you rushing to?’

‘Someone is waiting for me?’

‘Oh! I hope it is not a lady’.

‘What’s your concern?’

Her Beauty Calls- Akíntayo Akínjídé 2
Grace warning Bidemi

‘ It’s not my concern. It should be yours because any lady seen with you is in trouble’.

‘ Are you alright? So, I won’t have girlfriend because of you again’.

‘ Why do you need a girlfriend when I’m here for you’.

 He shook his head. If looks were river, the scorn on his face would be good enough to choke the life out of Grace.

‘ Don’t put any girl in trouble o.. I will-‘.

‘ Shut up! It’s a guy’.

‘ You better be telling the truth. I won’t want to see you sad’, she said and touched his face. He struck it away. He didn’t know how the transformation always happen. Whenever he saw her afar he feared her, but when she was nearer he was like her lord.

‘ Why will I lie to you? Are you my girlfriend?’

 ‘ Are you denying me? I bet you want peace for the chicks in this University, don’t try rubbish with them. Don’t try to love them. Don’t try to befriend them because you are mine. And they all know that. If they claim not to know, tell them before it’s too late’.

 Bidemi stared at her, and shook his head. His breathe was heavy and dragon-like. The scale of his anger could crash the scale on which  an elephant would successfully be weight.

 ‘ Will I not have friends because of you?’ He shouted. 

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She squirmed. He looked around. People were already looking at them. Someone had even hit his leg on a stone as he looked towards them. Bidemi gritted. ‘ Grace, you are frustrating me. Leave me alone in this school ooo’.

‘I can’t. Don’t let me delay you. I’m going to the library’.

 If he were hypertensive, he would have had a heart attack at that time. He stiffened. Grace was going to the library.

‘Oh! That’s perfect’, he said as he weighed her words in his mind ‘Library’. 

 Grace was always seating at the back of the class because Bidemi loved seating there. Even at the back she never listened to lectures, she was either chatting away on the phone or playing games or drawing sporadically- many of which were drawings of him.

  Bidemi was relieved when she left him after planting a peck on his cheek. He looked around to confirm no one had seen that.

 Something was fishy. How would Grace go to read in Library? That was impossible. It was fishy. She must be up to something. He must see what she wanted to do. He ran to the guy, picked the wallet from his bag and ran after her. 

On getting to the last step, he hurriedly opened his wallet. The library I.D card wasn’t there. He looked back. He checked the wallet again. 

‘Where is my card?’ he complained bitterly. Grace was up  to something. The woman at the top floor would close in the next few minutes. He couldn’t return to the guy without the Library I.D again.

Vote for my story in the Etisalat Flash fiction and a free Pdf of any my other Novel




  1. Yes.. Yes . peteru is rait. she hugged him and went to the Library. maybe she want to frame him or blackmail him to fall ibln love with her.


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