Liquid wealth- Chapter 6

​Enitan looked out of the window of the car. Tears welled her heart. She shouldn’t have listened to Mosun, her best friend, but it was the right call. How would someone leave her daughter to die. And because of what she, Enitan, had done she no longer had a womb. Even her husband married her out of love and irresistible beauty. But from the look of things she knew he had another woman outside and it wouldn’t shock her when a random says she was his wife. He was overcaring, always happy around her. He diligently updated her about his movement. She was sure he couldn’t just do that without reasons. Maybe, he was trying to make sure he did his duty as a husband while he cared for another lady outside. But whatever the case, she was ready for any sudden unfortunate news.

The knowledge of this was her propellant: she would make sure everything that came out of her mother returned to the soil. Everyone connected to her mother would also face the music in one way or the other. When her mother threw her away, what did they do? She would use all her influence to make sure the bear the brunt. Despite her being a governor’s’ wife, she still had access to throng of very influential and evil men that sought a night with her. And the only way she still held them bound was with her witty talk. She had never for once told her husband about them and they appreciated that.

‘ Madam, wetin we go come do about that idiot? Na so him go just stay for prison like that?’ Her driver asked.

‘ I no know wetin I go too o. I don leave am for God’.

‘ Ah … Madam . No talk that one again. Even God talk sey an eye for an eye. If you leave me I go arrange boys mey dem send the stupid boy go meet your mama for heaven’.

She sat straight. Her driver was a saving grace and that was the reason she retained him despite her husband’s incessant plea for him to drive him. Being around him made her safe . His adviced had helped her retain her place in her husband’s home.

‘So you fit help do am? ‘

‘ Madam, no just worry’.

Then one of her phones rang. She looked at it with trepidation. The number was that of a warder who worked in the prison Olu was kept. She wanted timely updates about Olu and had made sure she paid the warder well for his timely information. However, she had insisted that he didn’t call her.

So when she picked the call, she held her breathe till he narrated the ordeal- of how they incompetently allowed Olu to escape. Her imagination went wild desperately in need of an urgent answer.

Someone had helped him. Someone had definitely helped him. She thought everyone was on her side. Definitely, she was wrong some of those policemen supported his actions. They were supposed to be on her side. Even on the day of judgement, nobody cried or lamented for him. How come he escaped?

‘No’, she yelled. If her skin were cloth, she would have torn it.

Someone must suffer. Her eyes roamed here and there as she mapped out the best punishment she could give the police for making Olu escape.

‘Madam, calm down. Wetin happen?’

‘ Don’t tell me to calm down. The mad boy had escaped. Someone had helped him escape.’

‘ Ah.. Madam. That one no good. Send his picture to all the police stations around. Tell the top ogas to send him picture. Dem go see am’.

‘ You are right’.

She dialled her P.A’s phone number. The lanky idiot would soon become jobless with his ‘holy holy’ attitude. She had almost missed the opportunity of having her revenge when his nosy being couldn’t stop moving about the house. He said he wanted the best for her as her P.A but all his advice had almost plunged her through a merciful path. She wanted to see all her enemies dead especially her mother. Unlike his own desire to see them just suffer. He wanted her to forgive her mother.

‘Get me that Olu’s pitcure. He had escaped. And I want to hear of his arrest within five munutes else I ‘ll change you’.

Her driver looked at her through the rearview mirror.

‘ Oh I know…They won’t allow me turn you to my P.A. That’s why I want you to finish the adult education on time. So I would be albe to recommend you as my P.A.. . I want to send that idiot away from my life. He is so so so useless’.

‘I need him dead. Send all your people. Tell them I want to get Olu’s dead body’.

‘ Madam no worry.. you go hear of am. In the next ten hours he would be dead’.

‘ That’s what you said the other time’.

‘ But madam no be my fault na. Sulaimon was already near the door. I tell am sey the moment Olu shout, mey him run inside shoot am but your P.A enter the corridor fast, na why I push you that day sey mey you first am enter’.

‘I know.. I know. The God forsaken idiot came in’.

‘When Aunty Mosun send me come here, she know sey I good’.

‘ And she wasn’t worng, I trust you. Don’t mind me’.

The road and every other thing would have been a good view especially as different flowers beautify everywhere but she wasn’t in the mood to admire them. She had hoped to look at the life of the poor in this period of recession and wish they would come to the same breakthrough she had. It wasn’t an easy job. Her body and her womb suffered for it. So any of them that wallowed in poverty was there out of his volition and she was there to watch them cry or to wish them success as her driver drove home.

But Olu had spoil everything for her.

‘ Madam. I no know but it would be good to do something to make those police know they no fit just dey allow criminal escape like that’.

‘ You are right. Someone must pay and they must pay. If left to me, they would die. They ought to die’.

‘ Madam if na to kill them, he no hard us you know now but may we take am gently’.

‘ No. We are not taking it gently. We will burn down market beside the police station and the police station itself’.

‘Ah Madam! You too get brian. The thing be say may we come frame Olu say na him do am’.

‘ Yes…Yes… You are right.. olu killed them’.


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