Liquid Wealth- Chapter 5

​Bolade drove off and headed towards Ibadan. 

‘ What? Where are we going?’

‘ I told you we are leaving Lagos’. 

‘ No- no. I’m not leaving Lagos’. 

‘ Idiot. Don’t you know you’ve been all over the news these past days. You were accused of killing the mother of a former first lady. What do you think they would do to you? They will tear you and won’t leave a sample of you for the world to see’, Bolade said and watched him from the corner of her eyes with hope that he would play along and not refuse to follow her. From his stance and talks she could deduce he had his brain wired with stubbornness. 

‘ Whatever the case. I must kill this idiot called Eniola. I don’t know how it would happen. But I must surely kill her. Ah… I must kill her’.

‘ In that case, let’s leave here while the turmoil is still on.Let people stop thinking about you then you’ll come back. Let her death be silent and clean’.

‘ I hear you o ‘, he said as he shifted his fat body in the car.  She wished she could allow him kill Enitan. If she had gotten to her daughter’s house before  Olu’s mother, she would have been the one dead. His mother was just a victim of circumstances or should she say his mother got punished for usurping her position. The most annoying part of the whole thing was that she never knew she could give birth to a fool. So, her own daughter couldn’t discern her mother from others. No wonder she had that strong urge to throw her away; one way or the other, she would be the cause of her death.

 She had planned a dramatic homecoming, not knowing that she had been stalling herself from death.

 She looked around and sped on. She herself didn’t know what she would do. She had been living on the road for three years now. The last time she tried to sleep in a hotel, some of Chief Suberu’s men almost killed her. She couldn’t give anything a chance again. Chief Suberu had been using every means he had to find her because of what she did to Bidemi Adeoti, a guy whom he was spending a lot of money on until she made him disappear. 
After a long journey, she gave Olu some money to get himself something to eat. She made sure he didn’t escape from her. One, because she could use him one of these day to do anything she needed. And she didn’t want her daughter’s want for vengeance to destroy a whole family. Who knows the boy might have a girlfriend?

‘ So, what about your girlfriend. How will you get to her?’

He laughed, rocking the chair.

‘ With the way I am, do you think a lady would want me as her boyfriend?’

 Bolade smirked. ‘Oh! I never knew… I never knew you were one of those fools that see themselves as inferior’.

‘ What? Are you saying I’m a fool’.

‘ Yes. I said so. Don’t you think at all? For God sake! A man is never ugly’.

He smirked.’ Tah! That’s because you are old, woman.What will you know about ladies of this century? They love guys that are all trimmed, with six packs. Abeg for that one, just leave me and my case o’.

‘ Shut up!’

‘ Me?’


She felt like slapping his mouth. He was an idiot. He was nothing near Charles. Although, people assumed Charles was an Idiot, she knew how she trained him to become something useful before he went to  University of Ibadan and was able to kill everyone that made her, Bolade, kill her other daughter. She made him kill those boys that introduced her daughter to cultism. Charles was able to kill everyone of them and the last one Charles didn’t kill had been taken care of by her. If Charles  wasn’t in Germany, she would have used him to get to  Chief Suberu. But she preferred he remained there because the police are still looking for him because of the death of those cultist boys.

‘ I’m talking to you, and you were the cause of the fight between me and your mother. If she had allowed me to build a man out of you, you won’t be this foolish’.

‘ Wait’, he shouted. His fist was clenched now. ‘ If you dare talk about my mother, I will crush your face. I’ll not even mind you are my mother’s friend or whatever you call yourself. I will crush you. I will disrespect you’.

‘ Are you by chance talking to me? Do you-‘

‘ Shut up! You this foolish Elder’.

‘  Me?’ She slapped him. ‘Get down’

 The car screeched as she stopped by the side of the road. The driver of the car behind her must have been an expert because he missed hitting her car from behind. The driver passed her, dishing a sumptuous curse to serve her day. 

‘ Go… Get out… ‘ She shouted.

 Olu looked at her with a stormy look. His hands vibrated.

‘ Get out of my car. Idiot. Son of a nobody’.

‘ Don’t you dare talk—‘

‘ I said get down..’

 He opened the door, got down and banged it behind him.


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