Liquid Wealth- Chapter 4

​Bolade felt bad that she was the cause of Olu woe. If she had shown herself as her daughter had wanted she would have been the one in the grave now. She followed his case closely. Despite her daughter’s influence and everything, the judge gave him life imprisonment. At that moment, she could not help but praise President Buhari for being resilient in eradicating corruption in Nigeria. Although, the traces of corruption still lingered in the air, it’s hold on Nigerian system was high.

However, she still banked on the little corruption remaining to help Olu from the prison because even if her daughter never lived with her, she could read her next line of action from her recent actions: she would look for a way to kill Olu.

So, when she made the plan she tried to save Olu and save her daughter’s reputation. Although she didn’t know Olu that well but his claim that someone in the house killed his mother never stopped ringing in her head. If she allowed him know his mother’s death was caused by an aggrieved former first lady, he might tear down heavens just to have justice. Who wouldn’t?

When she gave birth to her, her aim was to name her Toke but she now bears Enitan.Whoever gave that name was sure to have treated her sickness or might have saved her at the brink of death. She heaved as she waited in the bush behind the prison.


Olu never believed his luck as he saw the broken wall. He felt like a mad man as he ran out. When Kamoru hit him the other time, he wanted to prove to everyone that he didn’t have to spend three months with them before they knew he was their leader. They fell on the urine-striken-wet ground. His aim was not weakened by the stench of the floor. He kept punching Kamoru until a warder came in. The others were too surprise and agitated to do much. The warder pulled him out. Olu cried that taking only him was injustice.

‘Shut up!’ The warder said. ‘ You are leaving this place today’.

Olu struggled but couldn’t restrict much as the baton of the warder and the jeer and leer of the other prisoners struck him. He kept pushing him to the deeper part of bush. When they got to a path, the warder whispered ‘ hit me’.

Olu was perplexed. ‘ Hit you? Why! Hit warder? No..’

‘ Idiot. Hit me’.

Olu hit him weakly.

‘ Fool… Fool…’ The warder said raspily and turned to see if anyone was watching. ‘ Hit me’.

Olu looked at him fearfully. ‘ Hit you?’

He hit the police hard.

‘ Harder’.

Olu hit him harder.

The police groaned. ‘ You will run through this path to the end and turn left. Trace the wall for a broken path. Pass there outside, someone will be waiting for you’.

‘What if I don’t see it?’

‘ Then you’re dead’.

‘ Why now?’

‘ Quit talking. Now, hit me very hard’.

Olu mustered all his strength and hit the warder, who yelled ‘ I’ll kill you. Yeeeehhh..:

Olu ran off, crushing the grasses on his path. Nothing must stop him.

So as he came outside, he couldn’t help laughing. But as he went farther into the bush, his joy changed to perplexity. There was no one waiting for him. His confusion reduced his pace. He wondered what was happening. He looked around. Oh God! He had forgotten. Enitan, the former First lady said she would send him to heaven just as she had sent his mother. Before she made that confession, he fought tooth and nail to make someone listen to his plea of innocence, now he needed revenge. He took premeditated steps as his eyes darted to the different parts of the bush to be sure he was safe. His other sense organs were hyperactive as he was poised to run his fastest, if it was any of Enitan’s assassins or men. Then someone began to move hurriedly through the bush path. He stopped and held his breath. A woman who’s likely in her late fifties cane out.

‘ What are you waiting for young man. Come on. Let’s get out here before they discover you’re missing’.

He laughed. He would not die now. He laughed again and jogged after her. Even if she was an assassin, her bones were too weak to take him on, no matter what instrument she used.

‘ Please, who are you?’

‘ I’m your mother’s friend’.

‘ But.. I’ve never met you’.

‘ That’s because we fought and we promised not to talk to each other again. But when I heard the misfortune, I had to do something because I know you can’t kill your mother’.

‘ Thank you o. I told everyone one but no one. No one but you cared to listen. Even my lawyer. Wait were you the one that got the lawyer for me?’

‘ He was the best I could afford’.

‘Thank you… Thank you..’ Olu said, elated. At least someone agreed with him.

‘ Let’s get going’.

‘ Where are we going?’

‘ For a start out of Lagos. Stop asking questions before the first lady take your case on’.

‘ I’m going no where until I kill Enitan.. God is my witness. Ogun sef knows’.


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