Liquid Wealth- Chapter 3

​As he stormed out of the house, secret service police at the gate stood up and blocked his exit. But he was undeterred. He hobbled towards the door, making sure his anger was leashed. He heaved heavily. His stone-cold face was enough to the security men he was not to be joked with.

‘ Bros. You can’t go until the person you came with leaves’.

‘ What! What are you saying. I came here with my legs. Leave the way’.

‘ That’s the order I was given, I can’t flaunt it for you’, the police man said and cracked his finger. Olu sized the man. He didn’t have a chance with him if he tried to fight him but he couldn’t just stay there. He could stand the shame of being ushered out of the house alongside his mother. Olu gritted.

‘ Guy, I go whoze you’, Olu shouted.

‘ If dem born you well move one step near me, you go leave earth. I swear give God’ the policeman said. 

‘ Olu’, someone shouted. Then, his mother’s voice joined the voice. He turned as they both called again. He was surprised to see his mother and the former first Lady holding hands. There was a great hush outside. And suddenly excited voices started whispering from different ends.

When he entered the house, the former first lady was really beaming. She was definitely elated.

Olu dabbed. He had just made it. Now, which club will I start my celebration, he thought.


The first lady was so happy. She narrated how immediately she saw Olu’s mother and knew she was truly her mother. She also pleaded with Olu to accept his mother for whatever she might have done. Olu’s mother had cried that she was sorry for dumping her and had gone to narrate how the former first lady was about to die despite every treatment and because she was tired of the burden and  because of her fear of losing her, she dumped her on the Iyaleta roundabout, which was the same round about the first lady was found.

‘ We are all human and we make mistakes. I have forgiven my mother’.

Olu could only nod as he was unable to  wrap his head around the latest development.

I’m rich, he thought.

Things went very fast. The former first Lady gave Olu a huge sum of money to change his wardrobe since he would now be having contact with the high and mighty. Then, she gave him more money for his keep. Even her husband gave him a huge amount of money and that totally wiped away his fear of what tomorrow might hold. 

‘ I don’t like of the pace of things’, his mother kept saying despite the way the media took her case seriously. The only saving grace for her was that Olu had prepped her well. So, she didn’t give conflicting answers when she was called for different interviews. And Olu loved that.

Olu loved the way she did her part efficiently that he felt he needed to talk to her about their future. They shouldn’t be blinded by this fantasy and forget reality: they are not the real family of the former first lady. And when anything happens, or when they are caught, they must have an escape plan or else they will revert to their impoverished lifestyle.

So as he entered his mother’s room that Saturday evening, and met that the bulb in her room was off, he knew he must wake her. Who knows investigators might find out. He was fat but not senseless.  The house has this feeling to it that awes Olu. Whenever they drip down the window blinds everything seems dark.

‘ Maami, wake up o’ he said as he groped towards the switch.

The moment the light came on, he got the shock of his life. His mother was lying on the bed with her face pressed down with pillow and a knife stuck out of her. From the look of the blood, she was stabbed many times. 

‘ Yehhh… Yehh.. Yehhh… Maami’, Olu shouted and ran to her. He shook her. ‘ Ah! ah! Help!’ He cried.

He climbed her not minding that her cloth was soaked with blood. He shook her. ‘ Help’.

 He pulled out the knife just as the former first lady scrambled into the room.

‘ Ehyyyy!’ She shrieked. People rushed from the house. Her best friend also rushed into the room along with the people in the house.

Olu shook her. ‘ Help me check if she still alive. Oh God! Oh God!!’.

‘ You killed my mother!’ The former first Lady shouted as she ran and laid on his mother.

‘ How will I kill my mother. Tell me. Maami wake up o’.

He looked like an elephant sitting on a frail trunk. His mother laid lifeless under him.

‘ Guards!!!’The former first Lady shouted. She rolled on the bed in despair. ‘ He has killed my mother. When did I meet her? He has killed my mother o. And she said he wasn’t her son, that I should let him live outside my house oo… I should have listened. He has killed my mother..  Guard!!!’
Five hefty policemen rushed into the room. They looked scary.

‘ Take him to the police station. Tell them from me. Lock him up… Lock the damn thing up’.

‘ You heard her’ The first lady’s best friend said with a thin voice. ‘ Take him away. He killed his benefactor. Ah human! Ah… Ah… Ah… ‘

‘ She’s my mother. She’s not your mother. We conned you.’

‘ You see… It’s a lie. Get him out of my sight’.

The policemen dragged him away amidst the chaos. The maid wailed, Olu cried. The policemen pushed him, he restricted.

‘ Maami oo… I didn’t kill her’

‘ I’ll make sure you are either hanged or shot to death. You will die’ the former first lady cried bitterly. 

‘ Yes’, her best friend shouted.

The ranted on about what will happen him but he was deaf to their tantrums as he cried about his mother.


Bolade  entered Folarin Williams and walked gently, wondering if it was right to do what she was about to do. It took her many days to finally decide to do this; yet, she still felt she was doing the wrong things. Even after many years of dumping her daughter, she ought not to even show her face at all. But she was tired of this impostor taking her glory. She walked slowly to her daughter’s house. She never knew she still existed. But when she saw her picture, she immediately remembered she had encountered her different times in the University of Ibadan. The estate had few houses in it and road was tiled. The atmosphere too was cosy especially with the different varieties of flowers lacing the edges of the estate.

As she got to the gate, she did the sign of the cross and took in a deep breathe. Just then, someone shouted ‘ Take him away. Killer..’

Bolade moved back, she doesn’t like the smell of things. She wouldn’t want to be seen on the scene. She looked around and found a small bush there. 

‘ Take him the killer away. I’ll make sure you die. I’ll spend my life and money to see that you go to meet my mother in heaven’.

Bolade was shocked. The impostor was dead. Her eyes widened in its socket. She rushed to the bush path, mumbling ‘ Aye mi o’

She hid and watched events unfold.

‘ Take him away’ , her daughter and a tiny lady shouted. The gate crashed opened as a car drove out.

Her daughter kept  crying. Some other people that looked like her daughter’s maid and gardener joined her outside and they all kept moaning. 

‘ Scott’, her daughter said to a hefty man. ‘ Go and monitor the proceedings. Tinuke and Folake follow him ‘.

‘ What of the gate?’ 

‘Leave gate. Follow that nincompoop. Follow them’.

She crumbled to the ground and wailed, the tiny lady cried also, hugging her. That must be her friend, Bolade thought.

‘ That could have been me- dead’ Bolade whispered. She bit her fingers. Her mouth agape.

After the people had gone. It was remaining her daughter and her friend or whosoever was hugging her and one other security escort. Bolade felt like rushing to her to console her. But she held her calm especially when her daughter laughed loudly. And her best friend joined her. The escort only smiled.

‘ That’s  good’, her daughter said. She hugged her friend. ‘ Thank you… Thank you. Now, I can rest knowing that I have killed my mother for dumping me. If she reincarnates she would not ever dump her child again… Matt did you get that Olu of a boy’s finger print?’

‘ It’s everywhere in the house’, Matt replied gruffly. She held his hand and kissed it.

‘ Thank you… Thank you.. Did you stab her the number of times I told you’.

He nodded

‘ Let’s celebrate before others return. C’mon let’s go inside’.


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